Monday, June 30, 2014

Why do we stop caring?

The morning newspaper lying down 
I sit with the hot steaming cup of coffee
the headlines announce, in bold letters
an acid attack case, and I gasp
in horror and disbelief once again

The story reads, like many other
of a woman who dared to say "NO"
attacked with the brutal corroding acid
carelessly thrown over her face, arms
as she gasped for breath, and life

The attacker with the audacity to justify
"he just wanted to be with her,
it's her fault, she refused him"
nonchalantly, he carries on living
knowing his life is not affected

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He burnt her skin, her flesh
the pain more so emotionally
the motions in the clock stopped,
as she lives between hospitals
awaiting justice, for she is THE victim

As people stare at her face,
she wants to hide, but for which crime?
she stopped her education, but why?
the life for her has changed, should it?
I sigh deeply, with no answers

But I carry on with my day, like usual
just like the attacker, as the justice weeps
I see somebody walking by, her face covered
her eyes lock with mine, and I can see the pain
the unsaid, unspoken pain..

And I hang my head in shame,
I care, but what more than just reading the news?
what more than debating and discussing?
why don't we have more stringent punishment?
how can somebody destroy someone's life?
and not even be punished?

Sunday, June 22, 2014

I think of you..

When the dark night darkens
And the clouds are thundering
I think of you,
I wrap myself in the blanket
Of warmth, love and care
All of which are you..

When the sun shines hard
And the day never seems to end
I think of you,
the umbrella of shade
Of hope, of dreams and aspirations
All of which are you..

My reflection..

When I stare at myself in mirror
And reflect back sadness,
I think of you,
And the reflection smiles back
Makes me laugh, confident
That reflection is you..

You are my dream, my smile
My shade in the harshest sun
My umbrella in thunderous rain

But most of all you are my essence..