Friday, September 6, 2013

7 days with Mother Nature..

This is my post for day 6 of the write tribe festival. .this is 7 stanza poetry, each stanza representing one day as the mother nature puts her pain across..

7 days with mother nature

Day 1
I walked along with her with light footsteps..
As she bathed in the glow of warm sunlight;
she kissed the yellow sunflowers and,
she danced as she walked to the silent river,
and she cried as she saw the dark black water
and prayed for the deceased soul of her beloved daughter..!

Day 2
The white clouds scattered across the warm blue sky,
and we walked silently with heavy steps...
towards the mysterious dark dense forest;
she prayed in her heart and stopped suddenly
as she saw the mutilated body of her son..
the gentle elephant lay dead shrouded by the weeping trees!
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Day 3
We shivered as the hazy white mist enveloped us and
the big raindrops of the moody drizzle covered us;
she smiled after a long time as she watched the faraway rainbow
We halted at the barren patch, with the remains of the tree trunks
Her tears soothed the raw tree trunks, as she sat at each and prayed,
she simply said, "O, why, why did you murder them?"

Day 4
The clouds changed their colour to the menacing black
and thundered as the lightening blazed across the dark sky;
Her eyes were swollen red as we climbed to the summit,
of what was once her newly born strong mountain;
she looked at how it was ravaged, blasted and hurt,
it was dying a slow death, asking for forgotten mercy!!

Day 5
she walked with her dark black hair flying across,
her red eyes blazed with unconstrained anger ,
we walked slowly and heard the roar of the waves,
they splashed helplessly at the oil ridden shore
and carried with them heaps of dead fishes
who she lamented angrily did not want the oil that spilled..

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Day 6
The hailstorm started and the hard ice balls crashed
on the barren grounds with deep cracks;
the noise clashed with the noise of heavy machines
she stared blankly as they took from her womb,
the precious minerals as they said and left her torn..
poisoned with harsh chemicals that burned her..

Day 7
She stared hard at me, as the oceans roared and
the rivers tried hard to break free from the shackles of dams
the animals and the birds shrieked with anger
I loved you too once, she said softly
till you turned murderers, without any love, compassion
I still hope one day, you weep with me at the loss of

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Aspects of love: 55 word mini stories!

After long hours of contemplation on theme seven here is my entry for the write tribe festival.
 I decided to attempt seven 55 word stories centered around the theme of Love, its various aspects- separation, longing, rejection, wait, reunion, first love, friendship..

I waited long after you were gone, staring at your fast disappearing footsteps; longed for you to come back. I walked and rested at the faraway bench. In the deserted park I cried, “you can’t be dead”; I looked up and saw you sitting right beside me; I smiled knowing you will never leave me. 

He watched as she carried the wet clothes to dry, “You look beautiful” he wanted to say, but he hesitated; it’s been only two days since they were married but he knew he loved her. She smiled as she watched his hesitation, she longed for him to hold her and simply say “I love you..”

She looked at herself in the mirror carefully and applied the kohl again, combed her long black hair again and smiled to herself. She waited for the sound of his motorcycle and rehearsed her words again, she saw him come from the window with another girl on the backseat and she simply washed her face.

He anxiously looked at his watch, she never took this long. Dark thoughts engulfed him, and he decided to find himself, he walked past the crowd searching for her amongst the many faces.  Finally he saw her and smiled as she sat peacefully lost in prayer inside the temple, “Ma,come we need to go”.

He waited at the small railway platform with a bunch of wild purple flowers tied with a small string. The train halted and she walked out, searching with expectant eyes and found him staring at her, and ran toward him; he got up and smiled after long years, “thankyou grandpa for coming”, “welcome back home.”

First Love
He ran to the park, with his shining new bat in the hand. At the entrance he saw her and stopped in his tracks, forgetting the bat, he smiled at her and she smiled back. He offered her the chocolate, she accepted and gave it to him, his first love, the beautiful big yellow bike.

He heard silently as she shared the news of her marriage. She described her fears and anticipations and he held her hand comforting her. She saw his moist eyes and simply said, “I will miss you always”,  and he smiled back saying, “I am not your brother, but your best friend, and will always be.” 

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

7 wolves and the little red riding hood!

Seven is is has many interpretations and many poetic meanings..Here is my entry for day 3 of the write tribe festival..a write up on the current affair of things..taking help of the old classic "Little red riding hood".

The post was picked as the spicy saturday post by blogadda.. :)    Spicy Saturday

She walked past the little green shrub with dark red berries and plucked a few as the wind ruffled her long black hair. She walked with the song of the trees and laughed along with the mischievous breeze, on the liitle pathway; suddenly the clouds thundered in the spring and warned her,

"O..Little red riding hood
go back, go back,
7 wolves are there in the woods
go back go back
cover yourself up and dont talk
go back, go back
dont look around just slowly walk."

 She listened to the changing weather but she had to go to get the fruits, so she walked and walked and met the first wolf, who stared at her and passed lewd comments and laughed and laughed at her discomfort, he followed her to make her uneasy and she ran ahead; she met the second wolf who asked her to marry him and when she refused, tried to throw the acid on her; frightened and confused she ran ahead but the acid burnt her arm and face; looking for some help when she met the third wolf who looked the most menacing and tried to rape her, she pleaded and fought but to no avail; the wolf simply said, "you shouldn't have come out of the house, you have no right to live!" she fought and ran hard, dropping the fruits on her way..

She sat at the big rock and cried and cried, when she met the fourth wolf, who laughed at her disheveled state and told her how he had killed his daughter because she married out of the wolf tribe, she simply stared at the absurdity and prayed for the deceased soul; collecting herself she walked ahead and met the fifth wolf who simply told her, she is lucky to be alive for he had killed her daughter when she was not even born, for a girl is just a burden and nothing else; filled with hopelessness and anger she held a tree for support and came the sixth wolf who was forcefully carrying a screaming, screeching girl, she tried to stop him when he simply told her that he had bought this girl and if she interfered she would also have to face similar;

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Disheartened she sat by the stream, when she finally saw a nice man coming to help, he tended to her wounds and gave her comfort, she trusted him and married him when she saw the camouflage..out came the seventh wolf who hit her and asked for money..when she said she wants to go back to her grandma, who can't give anything, he burned her alive..since she couldn't get the dowry!!

The situation is improving..this was just to highlight the problems in the form of wolves of today!! But there are changes which act as a lumberjack to help the little red riding hood, come back alive..!!

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Monday, September 2, 2013

Favorite things to do when it rains!!

I love rains!! since I am an incurable optimist romantic..rains just lift my of the chaos and traffic..So I was thinking what to write for the write tribe festival and Bangalore rains gave the inspiration for here is a list of my favorite 7 things to do in rains!! 

1) Obviously get wet!! It is the most wonderful shower with the cool wind that just makes you and your hair go wild..there is nothing compared to the feel of water droplets splashing on your face..just stand with closed eyes..and let the moments go by..

2) Eat hot hot pakoras!! - or anything hot and spicy!! they just taste more wonderful with the ambiance of the ever so fresh rains..with the sound of the falling water..just sit and bite into the spiciness!!

3) Cup of hot chai with a great book!!- There is nothing more relaxing then sitting by the window with chai cupped in both hands and a book on your lap..the day can just pass by and nothing more is needed!!

4) Listen to old romantic hindi songs -the music of the splashing droplets creating puddles and the old classics.. "tum aa gaye ho".. and so many more!! Its the magic of the rains...

5) Drink hot chocolate!! - one of the only times..that hot chocolate is even more comforting..
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6) Watch classic rom-coms -Ohhh the list is endless..and I cry all over again in the end scene
, sleepless in seattle, notting hill, when harry met sally..and so on...the rains just are the perfect to watch them again!

7) Cuddle with "the" person or with just the pillow (sigh!) - well for now pillow is what it is ;)

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