Monday, January 23, 2017

The little Green!!

All around me there are huge towers
where the light sparkles brightly 
with beautiful windows and great cars
that run fast on the dusty roads

All around me there are glass offices
and big, huge flyovers that never end
and then there shops and shops and shops
its a riot of colours, with grey stealing the show

All around me, there are people in lovely clothes
with great perfumes that smell heavenly
but once they come out the smell of dark garbage
envelopes them as it colours the surroundings

All around me, I miss a colour, a single colour
I miss the "Greens", the vibrant, beautiful green
a few are there outside the towers
and a few are there beside the glass offices

But the barren grey land misses them more than me
the life giving, the life saving, the essence of life
the beautiful mystical greens
that are the colour of life itself

All around me I see the destruction happening 
the greens are getting morphed to grey
someday when there is enough progress and no life
we may start missing the "Greens"!!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

New Journeys..

Wanaka Tree- New Zealand

I look back at the year gone and pause..
so many questions, so many self doubts
they all start coming back softly
and I wonder how should I remember it?

As the remembrances pass through the memories
the days, hours, seconds and months gone by
I reflect on the journeys travelled
people met, footprints left and things learned

Slowly the doubts start going away 
and the smile starts flirting mischievously
but why should I measure it anyways
learning is never ending

I didnt become the perfect person
Infact still very much the imperfect me
but yes I learned, travelled and failed
I tried new things and new ideas

As I grow older another year,
and hear the soft breeze rustle pass
I want to express my gratitude to life
for accepting me as I am, the imperfect me

I want to apologize to all those I hurt
and feel blessed to have all those,who 
still believe in me as I am
I hope and try to be a better, but still just me..

I hope to learn more and travel more
to read more and meet more people
to grow more plants and to reduce my waste
and think more!! To another beautiful year!!