Thursday, April 24, 2014

IPL ke liye kuch bhi karega!!

The warm beautiful afternoon of April spring was perfect for a siesta before the big happening of the evening, I lazed around thinking, stretching my arms on my velvety couch. There was just the need to get up and arrange for snacks before the big game began, royal challengers were to take on Mumbai Indians and If I missed even one ball of royal challengers batting, they lose and how could I do this to my team!!


So the Saturday evening plan was well set, and as I day dreamed about Virat scoring a 100, my mom screaming out to me woke me up, "Get ready fast, somebody is coming.", jolted out of every possible sense in confusion I asked, "who, what?? excuse me", she came and looked at me in her most stern expression, "Somebody is coming to meet you, since you didn't reply to the pictures sent, I decided to call them to meet you." she walked away pronouncing the sentence like the judge with no time for my protests.

So like a showpiece I sat at the corner, decked up like a Christmas tree against my wishes with a permanent scowl as the icing on the cake. More than my resentment against this tradition of parading me like a goat to be sold off, my worry was more when I looked at the non-stop clock. It is already 6, my inner voice screamed, it will start at 8, the match!!

I had prepared everything, my set top box was working in good condition, star sports was on and the TV was already dusted twice or thrice in a single day. The "Guests" arrived at 7pm, late by an hour, "no punctuality" I smirked as I looked at the "Groom" smirking. The boring conversation started, and it seemed like time will never end, which was a good thing. "Let them go before my match starts" I hoped, but what had seemed like eternity transformed to already an hour on the clock, the match had started, it was 8.

With the restlessness building in, I kept nodding to the mindless conversation. But now was the time to show my love for my team, so to my mom's utter surprise, I started saying , not believing my own ears as well, "Hi aunty, I really like him, can I speak with him alone for a few minutes?"

He looked at me as if instead of asking to speak with him, I have hit him. Seeing the surprised/shocked faces, and then looking at the clock as it moved to 8.01, I decided I only need to take matters in hand, motioning to him, "Hi, lets go to my room" and I led the way as his outgrown stomach followed me.

He came and sat meekly at the edge of my bed, itching to start the TV I restrained myself and smiled at him,"Hi, look I want to make something very clear, I really like you, But I want to be honest with you" he looked up expectantly, I sat down and placed my hand on top of his, in my most emotional voice that I could manage, "I have some kind of disease, we don't really know what it is, some kind of infection or some deadly disease the doctors are still finding out, my mom doesnt want you to know but since I like you so much I thought I shall" and I did my pretend sob. I hoped he didnt ask details for I hadn't thought more in the limited time I had.

With a start he got up, brushing my hands off, as if my disease will get to him. Without a word he ran off, whispered something to his parents and they quickly excused themselves. It was already 8.15 and I had missed 15 precious minutes, and I ran off to start my TV. But the test wasn't over yet and the lights went off. and then came to the rescue with live feed.

Its brilliant features such as Infografix that help in understanding facts and figures in an interesting manner, to zipclips it's a lot of fun watching my favorite matches. Infografix
Dad came smiling to my room, gave me a hi fi and joined in to watch the match on the tablet!! With the awesome RCB win it was indeed a super sunday!!!

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

"Draupadi": (un)fairy tale of being a strong woman!

The fire scathing as it gulped the dry woods
unrelenting, unforgiving and deep
She was told, it was her unknown mother
puzzled she looked, learning from its spirit

Dark as the mysterious night, she glowed 
questioning, not the coy obeying daughter 
but the clocks ticked on, and she was told
she was to be given away as a "coveted" prize

The hall was full, unknown eyes stripped her
she looked back at them daring, her head held high
they scorned at her, marveling her dark beauty
the trumpet had blown and her freedom wept

They had divided her, as she watched numb
she had looked with deep contempt at the archer
she married 5 men, this was destiny she was told
love, did it exist? or duty was it? she couldn't ask

She was the reluctant queen, changing the old order
of an empire built over the death of a forest
The invitation was just for a game of dice, she reflected
the master of slaves, of kings, was it peace purchased?

The king had lost not just his pride but the obedient brothers 
nobody asked why did he stake her, but she was pawned, 
just the object, is that all she was? this time she asked
they dragged her, as she questioned, but can a woman ask?

She questioned those who had written the patriarchal rules
what is freedom? she asked brazenly as she stared at the beasts
or were they men, as they laughed out loud, at her naivety 
she was helpless they knew, as the "protectors" looked down

Image source:

She was to be stripped of pride, of her spirit as they 
ravaged her with their words, eyes; whore they called her, 
and what about the husbands? what name for them?
They tugged and tugged, but couldn't strip her spirit

She was asked to forgive, to forget; for it was her family 
it was a woman's duty, but what of her pride? she asked
they lowered their eyes when the wishes were granted
she asked for independence, the crime wasn't acknowledged

The open flowing hair were to remind of the injustice
but again and again they attempted to crumble her spirit
She sought her justice, even when denied without the hearing
She fought each day to ask the questions, only silence had

She is blamed for a war, that was never her making
after centuries she is still looked down upon
she was "the" wife to five men, she didn't choose
she fought for herself, she fought for being a woman!

We are still fighting that war everyday, every second
the fingers are still pointed at victims, rape did you say?
but she had asked for it, just like the Princess Panchali
how could they resist stripping her when she was staked?

My ode to my favorite and revered mythological character of Draupadi, the woman who asked questions who asked what is right and what is wrong, there are so many dimensions of the character that there could be hundreds of viewpoints and stories!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

The reverse chess: When hunted becomes the hunter

“Don’t blame the hunter if you aren't paying attention enough to spot the traps.” ― T.T. Escurel


They sat together in a huddle, the evening breeze still carried the heat of morning. The sun was setting from far across the gurgling white water of the lone river surrounded by the dense green trees. The birds had started coming back to the nests, and the sky was turning a deep colour of the purple.

She knew she was the head of the herd, and she looked around and just saw scared faces. She looked across at the far end of the river and tried to see what lay behind those rough shrubs. "We will walk on the same path as we walked yesterday" she called aloud, as the tense faces looked back at her questioningly. 

The wise old one approached her, "but yesterday that little one was trapped and killed there only, lets go by another route". She shook her head to indicate end of the discussion. She started crossing the river and the herd followed her, the falling dusk cast dark shadows that added to the impending gloom!

Image source:

She watched her steps carefully as they navigated the flow of river and looked ahead as the light faded away slowly. She had spotted them long ago as they stood in the shadows, waiting for her to make that one wrong move, "tonight things will be different" she promised herself.

They successfully crossed the river, and she stood behind those menacing bushes which had taken the lives of many in her herd, she had seen them die a painful death and tonight she would avenge them all. With her trunk, she uprooted the bushes around her. Suddenly she whispered to those who were right behind her and those whispered it back.

The moon was directly above them and illuminated the herd in its pale light. Suddenly a part of the herd moved away from it, just as the second part moved in another direction. She looked straight across, and moved a heavy stone in her trunk and threw it with all the rage she could muster in the opposite direction of the bushes. She knew "It was a trap" , and sure enough the stone was caught in the trapping net with shots being fired at it.

She trumpeted her loudest and started running wildly towards the hidden men, just as they trained their guns on her. But out of nowhere the elephants hit them from behind and the guns were scattered, which creaked as they were trampled upon. The hunters looked fearfully at each other as they were surrounded by the herd.

She looked at the fear in their eyes, just as she had looked in the dying eyes of her little one screaming to her to save him from a painful death. She wanted to tell the hunters, just like she didn't spot the traps earlier, they didn't spot the traps today; how the dry leaves creaked every time they walked, why couldn't they hear the approaching herd from behind, why did they take so long to cross the river so that the night falls and there is sound of every other animal. It was all there, they couldn't sense the traps, now they can't blame being hunted.

This time, all of them trampled on the hunters together, as their screamed echoed just like of the little one who was shot as he lay trapped in the net.She sighed at the blood, only if they can let them live, ONLY IF..
Killing was a curse and they knew it, this was not the survival killing that happens in the jungle, this was just GREED KILLING..ONLY IF..they understand.

She prayed for peace, for not killing anymore for just the days as they were without intrusion!! She didn't want to be the hunter neither the one who gets hunted who can't see the traps..

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Nature's Friends: A short tale of discovering love!

The heavy winds carried the weight of big water droplets as they splashed against the dry parched earth. The lightening clashed with the dark menacing sky and my dear nephew listlessly stared out of the window. He had been refused the permission to play video games again, and as much his 7 year old self could muster the expression of sulking he was giving so.

"I don't understand why can't I play, I am bored" he screamed for the fiftieth time, and my sister nodded her head in exasperation. "You tell me how can I let him play that dreaded game again?" she asked me as I silently sipped my warm tea, "Can you help me, can you take him out somewhere for sometime? I don't know what to do". She looked at me with such a defeated expression, that I silenced all my inner fears on handling a brooding hyperactive 7 year old. "Of course, let me take him home, I will get him to  play with me or do some drawing", I replied a little too cheerfully and my enthusiasm was met with a smirk.

With a lot of effort and cajoling and finally with the promise of letting him play on my computer I managed to get him in my car. As we drove ad mist the splashing rain, and the whizzing sound of the wipers furiously wiping away the downpour, I asked him, "Abhi, why such a bad expression, see outside, its such beautiful rain, look at the trees as they dance with the breeze" before I could continue my lyrical self, he looked at me with a "are you out of your mind" expression, "Please masi, lets go fast" And we passed rest of the drive in silence.

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Once we reached, the rains had stopped and in my effort to occupy him, I mentioned about my new kitchen garden and he reluctantly agreed to go see it. As we stepped on my backyard, he suddenly grew excited, pointing to my small green tomatoes, he asked "Is that a tomato?? The one that I eat masi?" I took him near the plant and showed it to him, "yes abhi and soon it will become red like the one you eat", his eyes lighted up, and he stopped at my mint plant, "Ohhh I eat that too, this is nice" with a quiet smile I followed him, he next stopped at my lemon tree and with a look of amazement pointed a ripe grown dark yellow lemon to me, "Masi, look at this, its a lemon"! 

Image source:

I kissed him on his cheek, "Yes Abhi it is, I didn't know you like vegetables so much", "I don't like eating them masi, but this is exciting to see them like this, can I also grow them?" , I smiled at him and gave him a small rose plant and some small seeds, "Hold them tightly, lets plant them and then you care for them daily." 

He walked beside me, holding hand and in the other clutching the seeds tightly, "Ok masi, what do I need to do?"

I sat beside him, as he excitedly dug out the mud and sowed the seeds, then covered them with the mud. I then took out a pot and asked him to fill mud, and like a professional at work with full concentration he filled it, and then with such tenderness he placed the plant. He was in such a happy state, that he ate vegetables that day easily in dinner! and my sister wondered that miracles do happen!

Next day, he came running after school, and asked me what to do, we watered the plants together and he roamed around in the garden, running after butterflies, studying the plants and their leaves. After ten days, like his routine when he came to the garden, the small red bud of the rose plant had grown into a beautiful resplendent flower, his bigger joy was seeing that small plants were now there in place of the seeds he had sowed.

The resplendent red rose

He hugged me with such joy, and then went and kissed the flower and the small plants!! I knew watching him that just like me, his love story with the plants has started!!

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Friday, April 4, 2014

Miss tea and Mr.stomach: A conversation!

The morning was bright and misty and the light blue dew drops glistened on the tea leaves. The whole valley was bathed in the glow of morning light. The young light green leaf stretched and with a deep yawn opened her eyes to the beautiful cloudy morning. Meanwhile Mr.Stomach grumbled and grumbled and with a loud sigh woke up, "today will be another painful day".

Tea leaves in the tea gardens of Munnar

On Mr.Stomach's Itinerary today was a visit to tea gardens, so grumbling and halfheartedly Mr.Stomach holding its huge mass went up there. Miss tea leaf was basking in all the glory when she saw the panting Mr.Stomach, her inner anger rose and she turned a darker shade of green, pointing to Mr.Stomach she called him near her..

"What's the issue? Why are you like this? you seem almost on the verge of collapsing", "Yeah I am tired, I start panting even after walking a small distance" Mr.Stomach made a small face.

"Hmmm..ok Mr.Stomach, even though I hate dying but let me tell you a bit of my story and how I can help you, sit down for your benefit." 

And Miss tea in her poised way started, " For easier explanation, the more popular types are- GREEN, BLACK, OOLONG and WHITE" , I am sure you must be drinking the oxidized black version of me? "

Image source:

Mr.Stomach now comfortable sitting down replied with an affirmative nod , "Yes, yes three times a day with lots of milk and sugar", Miss Tea bored her eyes into him, "See that's why you give me a bad name, drink it with less milk and no sugar to get my health benefits and drink versions of me which are less oxidized such a Green tea and oolong"

Tea processing: Tata tea museum Munnar

Mr. Stomach got up all excited, "So Miss Tea just by drinking you will I lose all this excess weight?"

Miss Tea sighed and said "No, dear Mr.stomach if you want to live a good life, start exercising, eating healthy and drink me in the GREEN tea form, it would help you in lot many ways. I have catechins which means a type of antioxidant and other helpful things which will help you be in better form not the grumbling, panting form you are in. Not boasting but I do have substances in me that will really help you, so give it a shot!!"

"Bye for now, but I do hope next time you visit me, it will be in better shape", Mr.Stomach bowed to her with the resolution of implementing these lifestyle changes!!

P.S the post is a Green Tea enthusiast's post..!!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Are we being human?

From far across the deep blue sea
a voice echoed..again and again
"save me, save me, please save me
Oh mighty mountain please save me
but the arrogant mountain smirked
the days passed and the months went by
the icy winters changed to mellow summers 
leaves turned green from yellow
suddenly the waves rose high 
the mighty mountain screamed-
"save me, save me"
The waves smirked, "dear mountain"
times changes and so do situations
if you had listened to us, we would have
listened to you today"

I think like the mighty mountain we will soon realize how the waves turn against us, be it men who believe in suppressing and violence against women, be it us who do not realize the fury that nature will unleash against us. Like the movie lakshmi I think we need to all ask ourselves -"Are we being Human?"


Be it increased cases of human trafficking, or young children being beaten up and almost used as slaves. When I read these cases of torture by people who could be yours or mine neighbor- I get scared that people are living with such mindsets and we are failing to recognize the same. Is social support, counselling, strict rules and laws regarding the domestic labor the need of the day? Why don't we as a society debate and discuss it?

Or be it the issue of climate change, where we almost shrug off- that we don't know have any contribution towards it, but do we discuss it in our daily lives? That small steps such as keeping a bowl of water outside our homes can help in better survival of birds. I do not know what all steps we can take, but I guess the first step is to start discussion among the people we know, we interact with on a daily basis and then come forward with collective simple measures to answer the question "Are we being human"!!