Saturday, December 27, 2014

Saying truth..sometimes hardest and the right thing to do..

“tong, tong” the sound of the recess ending, was one of the most painful sounds to be heard in school, half an hour of freedom ending. Quickly taking our lunch boxes, me and my friends ran from the playground towards the classroom, for the boring physics period to start, on the way cursing the relaxed commerce students. Dragging iron feet, I was dreading the class today for the test scores were to be given out and I knew how I had done, already lagging behind in physics this would just add the insult to the injury. “don’t worry we all are in the same boat” my friend called out as she put her hand on my shoulder seeing me worried.

Just before entering the class, near the staircase, Riya called out to both of us, “hey guys come here look what I found”, leaving aside our talk we rushed where she was standing. Before us were lying the test papers of the physics test with the marks on them, as we looked at each other surprised. Quickly I sorted out my roll number, and my heart sank on seeing the marks, It was even below my pessimistic estimations, all I could think of was how my father would react on seeing this score.
“what if we hide these?” I blurted out as both of them looked at me in surprise, before Riya could say anything Divya said loud, “Ok, lets just quickly take these away and hide them in wash room, we will then take them out”.

Going back to the classroom, we sat on our respective seats as our teacher entered the class, visibly a little stressed, “good afternoon class, today I had to hand over to the test papers to you but I don’t know how I misplaced them, I apologize for that, I guess we will have to do one more, I will announce the date for the same, lets proceed ahead with the class today.”
I don’t know if it was a sigh of relief or of guilt, but all I knew was I couldn't look straight at her in the eye, I couldn't hear one word and all the feeling was much worse than the bad marks. It was as if I had failed her, my parents, my friends and worst of all myself.

I knew I can’t take it any longer and just as the bell rang and she left the room, I ran after her, “ma’am I need to tell you something, I am sorry, very sorry but I found those test papers lying and I saw my marks and I decided to hide them. I am really sorry” I said without a break, “hmm, so then why are you telling me now?”, I looked at her in the eye, “because I just couldn't breathe any longer, lying to you and my parents and to myself”

She smiled,” you have passed a greater test today , telling truth is the right and hardest thing to do”

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The touch..and rediscovering a confused relationship!!

Ms.S looked out of the white framed window, wondering
the colours of the vibrant autumn had descended on the dusk
but her saddened spirit refused to be happy, as she wondered
"Sanya get ready soon, the baraat is already here"

Image source:

The day had finally arrived but she felt only butterflies in stomach
"Does he still love me? Its been two years since he was away studying"
she said aloud, as the tears started their way ruining her make up
a slight knock suddenly brought her out of her reverie 

She opened the door wiping away her tears stealthily
And her eyes displayed the shock at the unannounced visitor
Mr. M was standing there, with a sheepish expression on his face
“Can I come in, please if somebody sees me then…”

He didn't have to complete the sentence for her to understand
“Why is here now? I don’t want another lecture on how good we still are”
She grumbled to herself as he sat down, uncomfortable to his skin
With a lot of effort, she smiled to him, “you wanted to talk?”

He smiled hesitantly and after a lot of rubbing of hands and glances
“umm umm you know its been a long time since we hang out”..Pause
Getting no encouragement from her, in words or expressions
“I was just feeling too overwhelmed; are we still the same?”

She relaxed a little, even smiling to herself, as she watched him
“ how are you feeling? Anything you want to talk about?”
Surprised at the question but relived, she looked him in the eye
“Are we still the lovers who talked all night? You don’t even talk”

For the first time he smiled, as he bent down on his knees
She laughed out loud as the autumn finally arrived in the closed room
He came near her and held her hand, gently rubbing them
And then they hug, just like the old times, oblivious to everything

They talked and talked and he touched her, bringing back the sensations
She had missed, he had craved and the distance had taken away from them
That touch had evaporated all the doubts, and there was just peace
Of discovering the lost love, passion and the relationship

He finally let her go, to be prepared for the marriage
Which both Ms. S and Mr. M now looked forward to eagerly
As they waited and craved each other’s touch for a lifetime!! 

Bring back the touch, rediscover the passion and love, for its moments and feelings that make us feel alive always!! 
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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Where is my toilet??

In the erstwhile village of dreampur, the young babli woke up with a start, scratching her head the young 8 year old wondered, "hmmm, another bad dream let me get up only, I have to go to school on time today and then there is a battle to be fought". The dawn was in its full swing outside but the night slumber had still enveloped everybody but a determined babli had got up. 

Image source: Toilet for babli initiative

Quietly she took her bucket and filled it with half water and then got out of the house, quietly closing the door behind but her mother's ever sharp ears even noticed that quiet sound, "babli where are you going? its still night..come back and sleep.", she whispered, "ma, you know na, the battle that has to be fought, and I need to go for everything to be good today.", with a sigh her mother woke up, “yes beta I know” she kissed her forehead, “go safely and come back I will wait for you” and then she cried hugging her, thinking of the young girl next door who had just died yesterday after she lost the battle.

And babli then started on her path, aiming for nothing but victory today. She had only gone about 200 steps, when that nasty, weird uncle leered towards her, “babli beta come here, I will give you sweets where are you going?”, but she just ran ahead along with water droplets trailing her hastened path.

She stopped only when she reached the field, the open field that had claimed her friend lata’s life, she shed a tear in her memory but had to quickly move on for the smell of the open defecations nauseated her, seeing her like this the young boys from her village laughed at her, “ohhh look at babli she will just vomit, why babli you don’t like this smell?” they teased her and she ran again to escape them.

Half an hour had passed and she looked at the sky, anytime the sun will rise in the full swing and then she will lose the battle, timing was very critical, she reminded herself and stopped crying. After another 10 minutes of walking she finally found a nice big bush from where you could not see anything of the other side, she smiled for the first time and set out to check the backside.

Image source:

But she was disappointed, some animals had already defecated there and now there were insects and flies on it, she looked at sky worryingly again and decided she doesn’t has time or energy to look for any other hiding place for her battle and she decided to start at this place only.

Closing her nose and crying she found a vacant spot and sat there for her battle, battle to do a daily chore, defecation in open, she did it looked around if anybody else was there and washed herself, suddenly a big shadow loomed over her. “what do you think girl? This is your father’s property huh? You will do anything you want huh? And without even listening to her he hit her with his lathi and left her bleeding from head.

Image source:
Somehow she reached home crying, with her tears mixed with blood from her forehead, her mother ran out to see what had happened, she only said, “I lost ma, another day of battle, I am tired ma now like you I will also only go in night” and with that she surrendered to days of stomach pain, illness since she could not defecate every morning only when its night that too dodging all the threats that loomed and getting infected every day or so with numerous diseases that flies bought along.

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Let’s save all the bablis and latas from this inhuman condition! Let’s have our villages open defecation free!

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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Diwali : A photo blog with poetry..

The diyas were brightly lit, and the twinkling lights sparkled
There was laughter all around and joyous celebrations
With bright Rangolis adorning the front of decorated houses

And the wafting smells of the freshly homemade sweets..


The evening progressed as the houses were adorned in festivities
The gifts were getting exchanged, and the smiles contagious
The air breathed of love laughter and prosperity
As the festival of lights, colours and peace lit the evening sky..


Then suddenly the sound of “boom” crashed in the vicinity
And the sounds of laughter turned to squeaks,
People covered their ears to run inside terrified of the noise
And then started the “noise festival” with jeering sounds..

The animals ran terrified and the birds frightened tried to fly
Blinded by the crackers in sky and the noise on ground
They cried in unknown terror as the wicked gases choked them
They wished for the “evening of death” to finish praying..

The air which had earlier breathed of festivities and laughter
Breathed of toxic gases, terrified squeaks of animals and birds
Shutting of doors who abhorred the noise and the deadly gases
The trees cried in desperation as their green leaves wilted away


The spirit of Diwali is in the spirit of spreading love
Through lights, laughter, gifts, love and sweets
Not through noise that makes our trees, animals
Polluting air and harming health of others
Let the festival be for all, without the crackers!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Health - the golden rule of happiness!

"Neha, I am tired of him being sick, he is always irritated and creates such a mess in the house. He can't play or study, and with festivals around the corner, I don't know what to do" with a deep sigh my sister ended the sentence. I looked at my nephew sulking in the background watching television with complete disinterest and being moody. "But aren't you giving him the medicines?"

"I am but the side effects are even worse, I need to build his immunity, you know there is no festive spirit in the house, since he is ill"

"Di, you go about and leave him with me for a few days and go about" and with that we were busy packing and him being all excited about a trip to his nani's place. "Masi, but I am so sick, will I be able to play and will you buy me lots of things?" I smiled indulgently at him, "ofcourse baby, now please pack your sports shoes for we will be going on an adventure trip", my sister looked at me in confusion, "you do know he is sick right? how will he go on an adventure trip?", "Di leave to me and relax" and with that we were on the road.

We drove and drove and when he woke up he looked at me in confusion, "Masi where are we? This is not Nani's place", "yes it’s not, we are on a farm, and now the adventure trip begins", his shone with gleam of fun, "now first priyansh, you quickly need to drink this in one go if you have to be all well and start the adventure, and then also finish the chyawanprash which is lying next to you. The drink was a medicinal potion, made with whole black pepper, cinnamon and amla juice.

With that he slept for the day and next morning we repeated the same, and then both of us went for a walk amidst the trees and the flowers where he chased butterflies and ran with the squirrels, “Masi I feel so much better, can we play cricket?”, I kissed him on the cheek, “ofcourse yes, but first you need to eat fruits”, tired after a long walk he had his fruits and then a good hearty meal. As the weekend approached near, he was reluctant to go but we had to take the drive back home and Diwali was just next day!

He went running to his mother, hugged her and started off, “Ma we need to start preparing, Diwali has come and its so many things that I want to do, get ready we need to go and shop!!”, it was as if there was energy back in house and I saw my sister smile after days, “you are a magician neha, he is back to himself, finally it feels like Diwali is here!!”

“Yes didi, and now you keep him away from illness with natural goodness of so many good ingredients that are available to us and give him Dabur chyawanprash that has the natural goodness of ashwagandha, Guduchi, Satavari, Bala and vidarikand that will help him build a strong immunity system and keep your house always full of laughter”

And as a bonus I got lots of kisses from my excited nephew and lots of ladoos from my delighted sister!! Here’s to health the natural way!!

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Diwali: when home becomes celebration!

When the diyas are lit, and the flames are a prayer
for love, peace, prosperity and lots of laughter
when the rangoli is inviting to come home
and the whole home is calling your name, again
Diwali is where home is, where celebration is!!

Diyas and Diwali
Home is where Diwali is and sometimes this seemingly simple fact gets ignored. Staying away from home sometimes the festival spirit is just missed and when the leaves are not approved it becomes a further excuse. But then diwali is family time and family is always there when you need them most!

Here is my last year love story with my home town Delhi in which the office played the villain. The story starts in October with the festive spirit in air, but due to everybody being in holiday and since you are single, interpret that as no family commitments and children, you are made to stay at office, when all you want to do is be at home eating ladoos, arguing with your dad and basking in all the attention your mom wants to give you at festival time. 

With the tempers soured, and fights at home for not coming and at office for not getting a leave it didn't seem like festival at all. One day before Diwali with shoulders dropped and spirit in complete shambles, and a heavy heart and sounds of my mom’s voice echoing disappointment and sadness echoing wild and loud I sat staring at my laptop reading the Diwali greetings with sarcasm. Dreading tomorrow and missing all my Diwali usualness at Delhi, going to friends and relatives at home, laughing and joking all day, making an elaborate rangoli, eating home made ladoos and kachoris and decorating the entire house. With a sigh and slight tear I brushed away the memories and the tear.

Suddenly I got a call from my boss saying that my leave is approved and wishing me all the best for holidays. I controlled myself not to say nay profanities, wanting to ask him what use is holidays now with no tickets available, I refrained and said a polite bye. Packing my bag I made my way home, empty house I thought but just as I reached.

The first surprise was the rangoli outside my flat and second as I saw my mom standing at the doorway, I almost ran and hugged her, “so what if you can’t come , we have got diwali from delhi here for you in Bangalore, happy diwali beta”, as I entered there was my brother and my father and the entire house decorated.

Without being given much time, I was working around, laughing and eating my mom’s handmade besan ladoos decorating the entire house, filling sweets in boxes to be given around. And then suddenly the tears made their way through as I hugged my dad and all he said was, “family is family beta, we will always be there for you, and at festival time we ccouldn't bear to see your sad face, its time to be happy, its time for ghar wali diwali!!”

And it was one of the most memorable diwali for me ever, I got new friends in my neighbours as they joined in the festivities and it was home away from home with a celebration that I still deeply cherish and this time with diwali round the corner I am off to home, for that special Ghar Wali Diwali!!

Diwali Rangoli!

 How long might be the distances and the miles
 The heart knows no boundaries as it cherishes memories
 That special besan ladoo and the dal kachori
 That colourful rangoli and decorative diyas
 Here’s wishing everybody a special ghar wali diwali!!

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Note: All Images used are author's original work.

Monday, October 13, 2014

World is going more Indian than you think!!

The night was dark and mystic, the breeze was fragrant with promise
He knelt down on one knee, underneath the glowing street lamp
"Will you marry me?", she caught unaware, glowed with happiness
"yes, I will", she paused to let that sink, in a hesitant whisper she said
"But I want to do the marriage around the fire, we taking the pledge
of the seven vows, decked up in Indian costume"
Decked up in colours of red, like a princess she walked with garland
he smiled, as the lights glittered, tired of dancing, floating with joy
The observer smiled, "world is going more Indian than you think!"

The music of evening prayers travelled with the strong wind
she ran from her room to the ghats to witness the evening aarti
transported to a different world, she remembered the dark days
the depression, the fatigue and the unknown world of failure
the yoga, the meditation and the journey to peace! she smiled
The observer noted, "world is going more Indian than you think!"

She smiled reading the review of her new restaurant, reminiscing
what they called was her, "cooking block", they had written her off
her cooking was called "mediocre", and the days of despair
and then she tasted the heaven, what they called curry!!
And she adapted it for her modern Indian cuisine, "Indian Kitsch"
the observer chuckled,"World is going more Indian than you think!"

 He was designing for her, she had won the battle against cancer
but that special touch that he craved for was missing, 
she was his special girl and light had finally come through the dark doors
and then he saw the special "chikankari" fabric he had got from India
and then the special dress was ready, the mirror beamed along with her
the observer wiped a tear, "World is going more Indian than you think!"

Both the sides stood facing each other, hatred written across their eyes
behind them citizens cowered, and prayed for their loved ones safety
and then the protester of peace, came forward tired of the destruction
and stood between them, "Let there be solution, through non violence, If you shoot
 shoot me first" and then hundreds joined in as the bewildered army looked on
The observer proudly said, "World is going more Indian than you think" 

He had finally agreed for his son's wish, left his hometown with tears
the future land as they called it, made him scared, weary
he looked down as the land faded away slowly, fearful of the new place
but the polite namaste and the hospitality, the smiling faces at the airport
and the warm roti with sabzi, had the little smile playing from cheek to cheek
the observer patted his shoulder,"World is going more Indian than you think!"

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A trip to Sikkim: Photo blog

                                                  The breeze of the hills whispers stories
                                                  Some unknown, some nostalgic..
                                                  The evening dusk envelops the dark green 
                                                  with the music of the cascading waterfalls..
                                                  The beauty surprises, pleases and shocks
                                             makes me reflect who I am and what I want to be!!

There are lack of words to describe sikkim's beauty, its ethereal, its magnificent, its majestic and still largely unaffected by the tourist flow. I travelled for a five day period.

The Mountains on the way to Nathula Pass, Sikkim
 The itinerary for the five day trip was as follows- first two days in Sikkim, visiting the local sight seeing and changu lake and beautiful monasteries. Then a half day excursion to Namchi and from there to darjeeling and fifth day in Darjeeling.

Changu Lake, Sikkim

The Curvy Road, Sikkim

The Peaceful Rumtek Monastery, Sikkim

Namchi, Sikkim


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Lepakshi..the beautiful ruins..

A short drive from Bangalore are located the mesmerizing ruins of Lepakshi. It's like being transported to a new world altogether, magnificent, old world charm and just quietness. It's a simple and nice drive from Bangalore on the bangalore-hyderabad highway. The road is good, even after the diversion when you enter the small village, the road is quite good.

The Ruins of Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh

The entry Gate, Lepakshi
The story of Lepakshi is, in the ramayana the bird jatayu while fighting with ravana fell here and lord rama while caring for it, he sai "Le Pakshi", "Rise Bird" in Telegu.

The hanging pillars, Lepakshi
The famous hanging pillars are good to see, but without a guide will be little difficult to understand it.
There is a beautiful ganesh idol and a shiva lingam housed inside the massive seven hoods and three coils of a naga, so a nagalingam which is said to be one of the largest nagalinga in India.
Nagalingam at Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh

Ganesha hewn in stone, Lepakshi

Also there are ancient paintings, finest specimen of mural paintings of vijaynagar kings.
Mural paintings, Lepakshi

Mural Paintings, Lepakshi

Apart from this there is a spectacular monolithic nandi and the kalyan mantapa which is also an architectural marvel!! Its just 130 kms away from Bangalore and makes for an interesting day visit!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

White light..expressions..the purity of emotions

My first photo blog..its a story through pictures..!!

White Light..purity..woman's heart

The White light of purity, of transparency as it envelops everything in its wake, purifying everything. Its the essence of being a human!!

Colours..and white light

The colours of undiluted laughter, of myraid hues as they spread over, the creativity of soul and of life!!

The soul of food, salt

The life giver and saver, it is what spices up things, the small white unit crucial to taste and to life!!

The captured shadow
The strangulated shadow of white light as it peeks from the curtains of darkness, watching the transformation of itself, of its essence, of the humanity.

Light at the end of tunnel
The long wait at the end of tunnel for the illumination of white light, of justice and of happiness and of peace!

A short trip to pondicherry..

The magic of a sunset, is the orange hues
splashed across the bronzed sky
as the wide leaves of the coconut trees
sway in the cool mystical sea breeze!!

Sunset at Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu, India 

The story started from a friend's wedding in Chennai, and with the long weekend around the corner. We decided to go to Pondicherry, the land where time stops. Unlike the beach capital of Goa, a pondicherry holiday is about relaxation and cafe hopping and shopping at auroville!!

We took an AC bus from koyambedu bus stop in Chennai, and got lucky as the bus was waiting at the stop. With the ticket cost of only Rs.135, it was an awesome bargain and the bus didn't disappoint at all. We started around 9.30 pm and by 1.30 the bus had dropped us to our destination, pondicherry bus stop.

Our earlier booked hotel, a bed and breakfast Inn in the french quarters had cancelled our booking at last minute and we stayed at hotel sathya sai, which turned out to be a great bargain again at Rs.800 a day for 2 person stay. The room was clean with a big enough bathroom and a functional TV, and teh staff was helpful and cooperative.

To roam around the city, you can easily hire a bike or a bicycle. A bike would only cost around Rs.400 for a day and you can bargain for 2 days easily.

Here's my summary of the Best Cafes I liked in Pondicherry:

1. The Indian Kaffe Express
- Absolutely great for breakfast with innovative options and really tasty food. The service takes a bit of time but then pondicherry is for relaxation. It is well situated within the french quarters and you should definitely give it a try!!

2. Zuka
- For all chocolate lovers, this is nothing less than heaven and absolute must try!!

3. The Hidesign Cafe
- An absolute bargain with delicious food!! and a great location being inside the pondicherry bazaar
Much better than the expensive options

4. Le Cafe
- Awesome location right beside the beach and good snack options

We also tried LB2 lounge and cafe Shanti, but they were ok nothing great as such! and you can try so many other cafe options available!!

Coming back to attractions, we did roam around the majestic french quarters, its a must see. And we did some shopping around the bazaar, if you like leather bags, definitely try hidesign factory outlet where you can get as much as 60-70% off.

Pondicherry Market, pondicherry, Tamil Nadu

I loved this small bazaar with mud objects, they were a treat to watch.

Next day we started off in morning to auroville, on our rented bike and reached quite easily in about 35 minutes. We walked to the statue, which was nice and then shopped around for incense sticks and hand made soaps. We had a nice quite lunch and then moved to serenity beach in pondicherry.

Coming to beaches, there is obviously the promenade, the rocky beach but it is mostly crowded. Serenity beach was a great discovery. It has less crowd, you can do surfing here and it's great to just sit on the rocks and watch waves crash by. Its quite clean, littered with fishermen boats.

Serenity Beach, Pondicherry

Pondicherry is a great weekend break, for relaxation! For just roaming around!!
Serenity Beach, Pondicherry

Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Monsoon love story: Me and the Andaman Islands!!

Monsoons are romantic, monsoons are colourful..the pallete of colours that appears on sky can put any colourful painting to shame. I am a hopeless lover of the my first travel post is a monsoon post to the Andaman and Nicobar islands.

So yes, I travelled in the off season, of late july, which has both pros and cons. The tourists were still there but much lesser than the peak season, and you are free to enjoy the island beauty in its stillness in its charming loneliness!! On the flipside, a few of the beaches were closed and there is no private ferry, although I really enjoyed the charm of the government ferry, also was way cheap on the pocket.

Port Blair, Andaman Islands

So on a five day trip..this is how our iterinary went
- Landed in port Blair around 1..spent the day there
- Day 2 to havelock Island in a government ferry
- Day 3 to Niel from Havelock and spent the day there
- Day 4 Back to havelock, entire day there
- Day 5 Morning back to Port Blair and flight from there

The highlights of the trip or the things you should definitely do, in part images and part words..

Cellular Jail

1. Cellular Jail
Its a sad tragic story with a beautiful architecture and in the rains it just becomes more magnificent!!
Architecture of cellular Jail, Port Blair
The architecture with massive lines is just imposing, it narrates a tale of perseverance and strength. Its the main thing to see in port blair. It was an afternoon spent well.
View from the top- cellular Jail
We spent the evening at Rajiv Ghandhi park, which looks beautiful in evening with monsoon clouds There is nothing much to do here just stroll around and relax.
Rajiv Gandhi Park, Port Blair

Then started the journey to Havelock, the governemnt ferry leaves at 6.30 am and second at 9.30, we missed the first one

Boats at Havelock Deck, Andaman Islands
Havelock is just beautiful, to describe it as anything else would be just not true. Radhanagar beach, vijaynagar beach and kalapathar..the white sands, crystal blue water and untouched natural beauty. Radhanagar beach has truly been described as one of the best beaches in Asia, but I loved Kalapatahr becah even more, its just pristine, yet untouched.
Kalapathar Beach, Havelock Islands
Kalapathar Beach, Havelock Islands, Andaman
It's very easy to roam around in havelock using a two wheeler on rent. Personally I didnt find much in Neil island, you can easily roam around using a bicycle. We did snorkelling here, since the crowds are lesser. You can give it a miss, if you don't have much time.

I hope you like reading it and was somewhat helpful, would love to hear your comments!!

Andaman Islands