Sunday, October 13, 2013

Easy Doodle recipe - Happy Chilli Pataka Sandwich


This is one of my favorite quick recipes..whenever hunger strikes this is my one of the quick solutions!!

So here goes the story:

One day Miss Chilli and Mr. Onion were working late into the night, writing their new bestseller cookbook:

Miss Chilli yawning: "Dear Mr. Onion, I am tired and very very hungry..I am becoming red."

"Hmmm madam chilli, you have absolutely hit the nail on head..but umm there are very few ingredients in kitchen, you know I have been so busy..that's why I have been wearing blue suit with orange disaster!! "

Miss Chilli rolling eyes, "Ohh onion you are such a ... watever..we are celebrated chefs..we can definitely make something, come wear those ugly brown shoes and lets see what you have got."

As Mr.Onion put his spectacles down on the wooden table, and messed his hair, he looked at the old photograph of his mom, and he went screaming to Miss chilli in kitchen, "I know, I mom's recipe."

Annoyed and hungry, Miss Chilli was turning redder, "very well, I am verrry hungry, be quick"

And Mr.Onion Started, "One cup semolina(sooji), and I will add water in it to make a thick paste, one teaspoon salt, One teaspoon chilli powder."

Miss Chilli now started getting interested, "what next", Mr Onion cleared throat and said, "Hmm difficult part, but no problems, Add one finely chopped onion and green chilly and whip the mixture, I will use a mixer to get the froth."

And off went the mixer.."zrrrrrzrrrzrrr" and "how hungry are you Miss Chilli?", Still wiping her tears for the cut onion and chilli, she replied "hmmm like more than hungry", Mr onion then took 4 bread slices and cut them into neat little triangles. 

"Miss chilli, 2 minutes more, I will now dip the bread slices in the mixture and cover from both sides, will you please heat up some oil in a pan??" , In the heated pan he put the slices and toasted them from both sides till they were brown..he took out his homemade tomato sauce and neatly decorated them with some coriander on top!!

Miss chilli looked at the watch to realize it took only ten minutes!! She took one bite and was so happy that she gave Mr.Onion a peck on the cheek!! Mr.Onion was smiling all through the night!!

Hope you like the try it!! It's fun :)

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  1. very creative entry! thanks for taking part in our contest :)

    1. Thankyou..this was a fun theme..had fun participating in it :)

  2. Nice story... cute doodles... liked the post. :)

    Arvind Passey

    1. Hi Arvind..thanks a ton..I am glad you liked it :)