Monday, October 13, 2014

World is going more Indian than you think!!

The night was dark and mystic, the breeze was fragrant with promise
He knelt down on one knee, underneath the glowing street lamp
"Will you marry me?", she caught unaware, glowed with happiness
"yes, I will", she paused to let that sink, in a hesitant whisper she said
"But I want to do the marriage around the fire, we taking the pledge
of the seven vows, decked up in Indian costume"
Decked up in colours of red, like a princess she walked with garland
he smiled, as the lights glittered, tired of dancing, floating with joy
The observer smiled, "world is going more Indian than you think!"

The music of evening prayers travelled with the strong wind
she ran from her room to the ghats to witness the evening aarti
transported to a different world, she remembered the dark days
the depression, the fatigue and the unknown world of failure
the yoga, the meditation and the journey to peace! she smiled
The observer noted, "world is going more Indian than you think!"

She smiled reading the review of her new restaurant, reminiscing
what they called was her, "cooking block", they had written her off
her cooking was called "mediocre", and the days of despair
and then she tasted the heaven, what they called curry!!
And she adapted it for her modern Indian cuisine, "Indian Kitsch"
the observer chuckled,"World is going more Indian than you think!"

 He was designing for her, she had won the battle against cancer
but that special touch that he craved for was missing, 
she was his special girl and light had finally come through the dark doors
and then he saw the special "chikankari" fabric he had got from India
and then the special dress was ready, the mirror beamed along with her
the observer wiped a tear, "World is going more Indian than you think!"

Both the sides stood facing each other, hatred written across their eyes
behind them citizens cowered, and prayed for their loved ones safety
and then the protester of peace, came forward tired of the destruction
and stood between them, "Let there be solution, through non violence, If you shoot
 shoot me first" and then hundreds joined in as the bewildered army looked on
The observer proudly said, "World is going more Indian than you think" 

He had finally agreed for his son's wish, left his hometown with tears
the future land as they called it, made him scared, weary
he looked down as the land faded away slowly, fearful of the new place
but the polite namaste and the hospitality, the smiling faces at the airport
and the warm roti with sabzi, had the little smile playing from cheek to cheek
the observer patted his shoulder,"World is going more Indian than you think!"

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