Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The touch..and rediscovering a confused relationship!!

Ms.S looked out of the white framed window, wondering
the colours of the vibrant autumn had descended on the dusk
but her saddened spirit refused to be happy, as she wondered
"Sanya get ready soon, the baraat is already here"

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The day had finally arrived but she felt only butterflies in stomach
"Does he still love me? Its been two years since he was away studying"
she said aloud, as the tears started their way ruining her make up
a slight knock suddenly brought her out of her reverie 

She opened the door wiping away her tears stealthily
And her eyes displayed the shock at the unannounced visitor
Mr. M was standing there, with a sheepish expression on his face
“Can I come in, please if somebody sees me then…”

He didn't have to complete the sentence for her to understand
“Why is here now? I don’t want another lecture on how good we still are”
She grumbled to herself as he sat down, uncomfortable to his skin
With a lot of effort, she smiled to him, “you wanted to talk?”

He smiled hesitantly and after a lot of rubbing of hands and glances
“umm umm you know its been a long time since we hang out”..Pause
Getting no encouragement from her, in words or expressions
“I was just feeling too overwhelmed; are we still the same?”

She relaxed a little, even smiling to herself, as she watched him
“ how are you feeling? Anything you want to talk about?”
Surprised at the question but relived, she looked him in the eye
“Are we still the lovers who talked all night? You don’t even talk”

For the first time he smiled, as he bent down on his knees
She laughed out loud as the autumn finally arrived in the closed room
He came near her and held her hand, gently rubbing them
And then they hug, just like the old times, oblivious to everything

They talked and talked and he touched her, bringing back the sensations
She had missed, he had craved and the distance had taken away from them
That touch had evaporated all the doubts, and there was just peace
Of discovering the lost love, passion and the relationship

He finally let her go, to be prepared for the marriage
Which both Ms. S and Mr. M now looked forward to eagerly
As they waited and craved each other’s touch for a lifetime!! 

Bring back the touch, rediscover the passion and love, for its moments and feelings that make us feel alive always!! 
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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Where is my toilet??

In the erstwhile village of dreampur, the young babli woke up with a start, scratching her head the young 8 year old wondered, "hmmm, another bad dream let me get up only, I have to go to school on time today and then there is a battle to be fought". The dawn was in its full swing outside but the night slumber had still enveloped everybody but a determined babli had got up. 

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Quietly she took her bucket and filled it with half water and then got out of the house, quietly closing the door behind but her mother's ever sharp ears even noticed that quiet sound, "babli where are you going? its still night..come back and sleep.", she whispered, "ma, you know na, the battle that has to be fought, and I need to go for everything to be good today.", with a sigh her mother woke up, “yes beta I know” she kissed her forehead, “go safely and come back I will wait for you” and then she cried hugging her, thinking of the young girl next door who had just died yesterday after she lost the battle.

And babli then started on her path, aiming for nothing but victory today. She had only gone about 200 steps, when that nasty, weird uncle leered towards her, “babli beta come here, I will give you sweets where are you going?”, but she just ran ahead along with water droplets trailing her hastened path.

She stopped only when she reached the field, the open field that had claimed her friend lata’s life, she shed a tear in her memory but had to quickly move on for the smell of the open defecations nauseated her, seeing her like this the young boys from her village laughed at her, “ohhh look at babli she will just vomit, why babli you don’t like this smell?” they teased her and she ran again to escape them.

Half an hour had passed and she looked at the sky, anytime the sun will rise in the full swing and then she will lose the battle, timing was very critical, she reminded herself and stopped crying. After another 10 minutes of walking she finally found a nice big bush from where you could not see anything of the other side, she smiled for the first time and set out to check the backside.

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But she was disappointed, some animals had already defecated there and now there were insects and flies on it, she looked at sky worryingly again and decided she doesn’t has time or energy to look for any other hiding place for her battle and she decided to start at this place only.

Closing her nose and crying she found a vacant spot and sat there for her battle, battle to do a daily chore, defecation in open, she did it looked around if anybody else was there and washed herself, suddenly a big shadow loomed over her. “what do you think girl? This is your father’s property huh? You will do anything you want huh? And without even listening to her he hit her with his lathi and left her bleeding from head.

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Somehow she reached home crying, with her tears mixed with blood from her forehead, her mother ran out to see what had happened, she only said, “I lost ma, another day of battle, I am tired ma now like you I will also only go in night” and with that she surrendered to days of stomach pain, illness since she could not defecate every morning only when its night that too dodging all the threats that loomed and getting infected every day or so with numerous diseases that flies bought along.

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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Diwali : A photo blog with poetry..

The diyas were brightly lit, and the twinkling lights sparkled
There was laughter all around and joyous celebrations
With bright Rangolis adorning the front of decorated houses

And the wafting smells of the freshly homemade sweets..


The evening progressed as the houses were adorned in festivities
The gifts were getting exchanged, and the smiles contagious
The air breathed of love laughter and prosperity
As the festival of lights, colours and peace lit the evening sky..


Then suddenly the sound of “boom” crashed in the vicinity
And the sounds of laughter turned to squeaks,
People covered their ears to run inside terrified of the noise
And then started the “noise festival” with jeering sounds..

The animals ran terrified and the birds frightened tried to fly
Blinded by the crackers in sky and the noise on ground
They cried in unknown terror as the wicked gases choked them
They wished for the “evening of death” to finish praying..

The air which had earlier breathed of festivities and laughter
Breathed of toxic gases, terrified squeaks of animals and birds
Shutting of doors who abhorred the noise and the deadly gases
The trees cried in desperation as their green leaves wilted away


The spirit of Diwali is in the spirit of spreading love
Through lights, laughter, gifts, love and sweets
Not through noise that makes our trees, animals
Polluting air and harming health of others
Let the festival be for all, without the crackers!