Sunday, October 13, 2013

When Mr.Squirrel left the Banyan tree..

        Mr. Squirrel's Moment of Truth..

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The story is about breaking shackles, leaving behind fear and being free!! Discovering new things..

Mr.Squirrel had lived in the old brown banyan tree throughout, he was a simple man with little needs and his parents were now wanting him to get married.

 The monsoon season had arrived and the squirrel family was happy as they had saved enough throughout the summer, they watched from the window of their little hole as the big drops of rains fell with a big   "Splash"   on the dry cracked the new green leaves started to bloom. 

Suddenly, Mr squirrel saw an old mouse trying to cover himself as he ran, making "thudding" noises as him bog boots splashed water everywhere. Realizing he might need shelter, as he rested under the tree, Mr squirrel called out to him, 
"Dear Mr.Mouse come up, you can rest here while the rains stops.." Mr.Mouse looked up gratefully, and quickly climbed up as his big bag made "thud thud" noise against the old tree. 

Inside Mr.Mouse drank his warm tea "slurrp slurrp", as Mr.squirrel asked him, "How come you are outside with this bag and boots?? Don't you know rains have started Mr.Mouse?? "

Mr.Mouse looked at the simple Mr.Squirrel and cleared his throat, "grrr, grrr, Dear Mr.Squirrel, first thankyou for great hospitality, I am a traveller, I dont know now which season is when, I was actually going towards the yellow forests." 

His eyes twinkled with enthusiasm, as evening dusk spread its orange light through the white clouds and the cuckoo bird sang "kooh..kooh..kooh".

Mr Squirell was wide eyed with amazement, "But don't you fear Mr.Mouse, you will get killed or die of hunger, being away from loved ones??" He said that in one breath.."poof..phew" Mr mouse smiled at him, "Dear son, discovering life is the biggest risk we take, make full use of your file, dont let these questions tie you down, have a good life" With that he climbed down the tree as the wind made the leaves rust against each other.."Screeeech..sheeesh".

The entire night Mr.Squirrel thought and thought, in the morning he wrote a big letter to his parents, took his bag and set out..without any his big yellow boots clashed with the wet frozen mud.."tip..tap..tip tap"...

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  1. Hey neha....u hv a great flair with words....i remember your post on red riding hood n wolves.....that was sensationally creative....this time u took me to a world i was a part of during my childhood can say this story is a childrens story....i admire ur ability to shift genres....really a wow post

    1. Hey Ritesh..thanks a ton!! M so glad that you liked it...yes It was an attempt to convey the message with a children story..thanks for liking it :)

  2. Captivating post neha!
    Very well written!:)

    1. Hi Nikhil..thanks a ton!! I am glad you liked it!