Friday, July 16, 2010

Silence !!

Silence troubles me, intrigues me and questions me relentlessly. It catches me unawares when my guards are down and takes me completely in. It spreads slowly and surely and takes hold over me, you don't believe in hypnosis?? well, silence could teach you a word or two about it. Its angry if I confuse it with loneliness, because even among millions it catches stronghold of me.

At times I think its all just down to my inability to communicate, or to communicate better, that I am somehow drawn to it. It has slowly become a trustworthy companion, and at times my best friend, It lets me be what I am. At times, it has consoled me when I have wanted to scream, to has made me sober ( I know that's hard to believe, but trust me its working its way through, maybe five years down the line, it will actually work :P) . It has made me see my flaws very clearly, and given me time to work on it and more importantly its made me realize my mistakes, which I was and still am unable to see at the first sight.

Yet, there are times I am confused and scared, It takes me to a shell where its only me!! But it is becoming my tool of communication and I hope and pray I reach that equilibrium of words and silence that help me put my thoughts in a better way!

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