Sunday, November 28, 2010

Darkness before the dawn!

The darkness was petrifying, it was cold very cold and the numbness was mystifying. All around was just barren land, emptiness was the only thing that it had, surrounded by heavy mist . She sat there in the middle, hugging herself closely, silently, the only noise was the fall of tears on the ground. Their splash was almost rhythmic, occasionally broken by the sobs in between. She sat there for a long time, waiting for the light to come through the small cracks in the faraway broken doors, the hide and seek should have ended long ago. The dark silence, was suddenly broken by the echo of distant menacing laughter, terrified she looked up from her lap, her scared eyes tried to cut through the darkness. The echo grew loud and clear, she ran away, as fast as she could, yet it kept on chasing her, enveloping her in its grip further. At last, when her legs gave away and the end was nowhere near, she sat down on the emptiness and decided to wait for the light to finally come and give her the warmth and end the evil laughter.

Yet, all she did was kept on waiting with expectant eyes as she still sat there alone wrapped in the cold and the echo of laughter as they tried to make her a part of the emptiness, take away who she was. Suddenly, the door creaked open and a ray of light made its way through only to get taken in by darkness, she stood up, weak and empty, and made her way through to the valley.

The ray of light fought valiantly and came between her path, it tried to warm her, protect her, it encircled her and she finally stopped, she shed away the cold and the laughter as they watched horrified. She walked with the light and decided to walk towards the door and break it open! For now just a crack cant end the darkness and the dawn wasn't far away ...

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