Sunday, January 16, 2011

Birthday post!- self discovery...

It wasn't the dampness of the still wet corner or the sulky winter evening, it was just me or the effect of seeping coldness that everything was transformed. The only thing left untouched was somehow me, as I started analyzing my years of being essentially me and my choices, myriad collages of memories started forming. Years of careful studying at school instead of careless fun, going through the teenage years of anxiety and frustration, with always the complex that I am not pretty like the other girls around me because as the neighbourhood aunty said "the girl is dark and intelligence isnt really required, what will happen?". Its been some journey so far...

Doing graduation in a course that was looked down, because it wasn't the usual to finding a side to me that was yet unknown through the films that I saw, the friends that I made, the work I did, I am still indebted to mass communication for making me who I am to doing MBA, it's been many croosroads...

From being unsure about me to being in relationships, having my heart broken to being the cause of someone's ill health, from trusting blindly to being cautious at every step and from being a believer in love to a cynic.. Its been years of growing up yet still being the same.

From wishing to being a poet to doing marketing :P, from a loner to having great friends, from inferiority complex to confidence in being me, a lot of passages have been covered, yet there are more complex ones still left to untangle. I am still searching to understand me, I guess that's a bit too long a process to end in just 25 years...

Thanks for being with me at any step of this journey..I know its not easy but I am not that difficult either :)


  1. babes believe me, its a LOT of understanding you've got in just 25 years...m still struggling! ;) find myself similar to you in many ways...but then maybe we all are...jus at different points in the same journey...wish you many such great discoveries ahead...a very happy b'day once again! :))

    P.S. Nicely written :)

  2. I have always been a fan of the beauty of the words you command so well!! :) stumbled upon your blog via fb!!

    1. Hey Pooja

      Thanks a ton! I am on cloud nine that you went through the blog! Thanks :)

    2. Hey Pooja

      Thanks a ton..I am on cloud nine that you read the blog! Thanks :)