Thursday, November 29, 2012

I have...

I write and delete, write and..
No words are formulated as I think
Random, abstract, mystical
You are there right beside
Yet you are so far away
And all I know of is,
I have tried to run away
I am scared of what I feel
What can happen if I let it be
Yet when I close my eyes
And the silent whispers are uttered
You are in all my prayers
And I just want to say
Before I go away
Into the unknown mysteries
That you fulfil me,
You make me feel what is meant to be
Its for you that I can write
Something that I used to laugh at
Its to you that I would say
So that I have no regret ever
That I love you
With all my heart
Don’t know what tomorrow holds
I wish you find somebody that
You truly love,
I have had that feeling
And I know I cant hold on it
Just once more, I have loved you!


  1. I think u r still in love!
    Go ahead and get it, do not lose it!!



  2. ohhooo..kabhi to kuch khushi wala likh diya kar!!