Monday, April 22, 2013

Delhi's unsaid, unheard, unseen tears!

Hi, this is for my city, that I belong to..yes whatever maybe my roots, as every delhite is asked to, I belong to the city!! This is for the pain I experience every day when I hear about the crimes happening there, and how I want to sit on the soil and comfort myself...

You know me as 5000 years old, I have been the capital city, I Have seen wars; seen blood being shed; I have been destroyed and rebuilt. I have cried and tried to comfort my children, tried to tell them I am for all, I don't differentiate. I have seen my child yamnua dying a slow and poisonous death, however hard I have tried yet its my children only that have killed their life source. I have borne many pains but these days I am unable to bear anymore, the soil which still hadn't turned red will turn so now..

I don't understand such savagery, atleast savages who fought wars had a purpose, even if it was as vain as gaining control of my land, but what are these modern day savages doing? What did those innocent souls do to harm them, why oh why please answer me, for I have become old now, why did they rip them apart? For fun? for pleasure? in anger? I cry and cry, and still cant understand..can you answer?

I already carry the burden of being capital, of having borne the weight of those for whose wishes thousands have died, but now my face is covered with my own hands, I cringe when I hear my children saying that they dont want to live here, I feel ashamed that I have not been able to protect my beloved daughters, who fought courageously and I shiver when those savages walk on me, how many such are there? how much burden do I need to carry....

Long ago I had thought, that now the barbarism would stop, that now I would give shelter with my gentle tress, would play music with my warm breeze and would comfort my tired children when they sleep on my moist mud..and all I am doing is soaking the blood of my daughters, the music is of their screams.. I know I cant look them in the eyes..but all I want to say is..I am not the land of savages..I am the land of history, of dreams built like indraprastha and of hope like the qutab minar..dont turn your back on me..I have lots of love to give you..but yes I cant fight those savages..Yes I am ashamed they touch my soil..I wish I could swallow them..yet I hope one day I dont have to see my daughters brutalised..that I one day I finally can rest in peace!

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