Sunday, October 13, 2013

My wishlist of changes..

                            My Delhi..My Manifesto

Delhi, the city of battles, the city which was ravaged 7 times and rebuilt. A city which is often characterized as "unsafe for women", a city which gives employment to million, a city which is teeming with cars, pollution, reducing green cover and high expectations. Its My city, I was born here..I grew up with the dry arid summers, and the cold bone chilling winters..a city which made me dream, a city which made me cry when heart was broken..a city which gave me independence.. a city which embraced me as its own child..

It has the fortune and misfortune of being the city of power, today when I look at my city..and when I hear people looking at with fear, not wanting to live there, I feel sad, sometimes is my 5 point manifesto for making my city a better place:

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1. The safety of women should be the biggest priority. Changing the society mindset is a long process, but which should be initiated right from school, all girls should be provided with self defence classes as a part of school curriculum. Sensitizing our police force when handling reports of such crimes, with swift action against accused and safe public transport for women.

2. The Second biggest concern is protecting our forest and river Yamuna
- Launch a program with clear deadlines borrowing learning to clean yamuna- Invite international and national NGO's to take up the task
- Identify the forest area lost- and start work towards identifying and afforestation of area
- Limit the number of cars a family can own- reducing vehicle pollution- increase metro coverage and provide more public transport

3. Third priority would be education- making our government school education standard as good as public schools. Free education to girls, providing better facilities and increasing the number basis increased population figures.

4. One of the biggest evils plaguing the governance is "Corruption"- Pass the lokpal bill, anyone with record of any corruption, crime should not be given seat. Publish the details after closure of every public scheme.
Punish any public servants taking bribe and ensure timeline bound closure on such cases.

5. And lastly create more employment opportunities both for men and women, promote tourism, give special incentives to self employed, revive handicrafts and provide selling opportunities. Give easy licenses to hawkers and introduce checks on maid placement agencies to stop human trafficking.
- Also open more rehabilitation centers to provide for a better living and counseling.

“A city is not an accident but the result of coherent visions and aims.”
Leon Krier, The Architecture of Community 

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  1. Well chosen points , arguments & words!. Very welll put.
    Keep up the good work neha!:)

    1. Hi Nikhil- Thanks a ton..thanks for visiting and liking the post :)