Friday, December 13, 2013

Change the Metaphor of “Better tomorrow”

Mention the word change and some of the first responses- “why?, its better like this” or “I do not understand what for, things that are there are there for a reason, why change them?” and the most often heard, “you are mad, you think you can change the world?”


Big or small, all actions result in change and one day all such sparks ignite the fire.  This is my post for “Stay free and Healthy day”.
There are a lot of issues that we as a society and; that we as a species are facing and all of them require attention from each one of us. Here I take up a cause that is very close to my heart, the issue of women education which by itself results in women empowerment in majority of situations. Women education doesn't only limits itself to women being able to read and write but gives them freedom of CHOICE.

Choice, is an opportunity that is available in a very limited quantity for majority of our women. Choice to:
a)      Determine what they want to do, who they want to be with
b)      Choice to choose a healthy lifestyle for themselves
c)       Choice to be a mother and when to be
d)      And lastly choice to voice themselves

Women education is not just limited to empowerment and a better life for women themselves but for all that are around them and their family. Also, a lot of health related issues would have an immediate solution if we are able to educate and empower our women even in the smallest way possible.

How is the bigger and more momentous question to the problem, the why answers a lot of problems that are staring at us but it is the question of how that needs more attention and that too an how that is workable, possible and for that we can be motivated to initiate.

To start with, the first step comes in choosing the area, adopting one territory and understanding the issues that are troubling women there. Post that holding makeshift classes that can address some of the daily issues that women face so that they are interested to come and join, and encouraging them to send their daughters and sons to schools that are there. Working with the local schools in to getting some practical points on daily living and working with them on their curriculum to make it more robust one of the best examples of the same is an organization called 17,000 feet which has done the same in high terrains of Ladakh.

 The change might be slow but I am sure one day it will bring about the change I look for..

This is a dream that I have dreamt..and One day I will embark on my journey to seek change and spark change to dream a better future and to see the smiles spread across many faces!

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