Sunday, November 9, 2014

Diwali : A photo blog with poetry..

The diyas were brightly lit, and the twinkling lights sparkled
There was laughter all around and joyous celebrations
With bright Rangolis adorning the front of decorated houses

And the wafting smells of the freshly homemade sweets..


The evening progressed as the houses were adorned in festivities
The gifts were getting exchanged, and the smiles contagious
The air breathed of love laughter and prosperity
As the festival of lights, colours and peace lit the evening sky..


Then suddenly the sound of “boom” crashed in the vicinity
And the sounds of laughter turned to squeaks,
People covered their ears to run inside terrified of the noise
And then started the “noise festival” with jeering sounds..

The animals ran terrified and the birds frightened tried to fly
Blinded by the crackers in sky and the noise on ground
They cried in unknown terror as the wicked gases choked them
They wished for the “evening of death” to finish praying..

The air which had earlier breathed of festivities and laughter
Breathed of toxic gases, terrified squeaks of animals and birds
Shutting of doors who abhorred the noise and the deadly gases
The trees cried in desperation as their green leaves wilted away


The spirit of Diwali is in the spirit of spreading love
Through lights, laughter, gifts, love and sweets
Not through noise that makes our trees, animals
Polluting air and harming health of others
Let the festival be for all, without the crackers!

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