Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Only If..

 Only If
We gave peace a chance..
But why does it deserve anything?
Violence feeds fear, fear of everything
Fear where I don’t trust my neighbour
For caste, religion, sex, colour, eating habit
Fear that I need to be protected ..
Protected yes..but from who or whom?
From the corporations? Or individuals?
From the religious institutions or people of religion?
From the politicians or the rules themselves
From the evil or protectors? And who defines them?
Killing is never the answer, be it humans, nature or animals
Yet, even while we talk of peace
All we talk about is how to kill “those”
But we don’t define “those”
We take a blanket term and try to cover them all
While the poor peace silently walks away
And it is walking away faster now
Away from the noise and din of hatred
For it stands no chance of being heard
Above the sounds of passionate hate
For that is what we need protection against
Simply “HATRED”
For religion, caste, sex, and million other
Terms that we have tried to protect ourselves from

Only if..

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