Sunday, March 6, 2011

College days and the bus rides!!

This post is dedicated to three great years at BMMMC- to decode the terminology, bachelor's of Mass Media and Mass Communication ( There is no honours in the name of the degree :P). The first thing I remember very distinctly from the first ever speech given to us was the term 'bra-burning' protests as the part of the feminist revolution happening around the world, for someone who didnt even used to see MTV videos ( for I was studying for those elusive 90 percentages in boards), I was glad this would be different and that it completely turned out to be :)

From watching films morning to evening, to acting like snobs when walking in the campus area, sneering at other courses (I wont say I am proud, but yeah that was fun :P), from being called as a batch to prinicipal's office every other day to the shoots and ideation sessions! It was never ending course work. The vicious fights over work, to writing scripts and searching for people who would work for us without money, to directing a final film :P..

In the midst of many gradual transformations happening and getting used to the idea of a girl's college were the people I met, who remain close friends till date ! Here there needs to be a special mention to the bus rides- and the two people involved in the same- Shaina and Shekha!!

The Endless waiting for DTC busses to come, to save 10 bucks everyday to Shaina providing us everyday laughter particularly 'THE FLYING INCIDENT' where in a crowded bus as the driver suddenly put his foot on the brake and it screeched to halt, Miss Kumar as she believed in travelling without holding the handle above, flew from where she was standing to hitting the Iron rod just before the exit gate, about 5m distance ( I am sure it really hurt her but no one could stop laughing :P) and the entire bus burst out laughing only remembering later to ask her if that hurt (Doesnt show me and shekha as being very good friends, but then such was the sight!)

I still get tears in my eyes laughing whenever I remember the incident and a sigh of relief when I remember the crazy deadlines for the projects, where all the photocopy and binding people had a lot of fun at our expense!! Thanks a ton Kamna, shekha, shaina, vartikka, shampee, misra, akansha for all the fun!!


  1. What a start of the day yaar! Nothing could be much better than reading your blog! You brought back all the memories and made me feel nostalgic! Hummnnn m really missing u guys!


  2. Me too!! and love the fun we all had!!!