Sunday, March 20, 2011

Reminiscence !

Unanswered, untouched...there are silent whisperings
which flow with the warm breeze slowly..
I look across the deep blue skies for a few moments
and close my eyes with memories...

They are within me, yet I stand outside
and watch as they unfold with a stranger's viewpoint
I wish I could mould them, yet I am impassive
as watch the colours mingle and fade away!

I smile and I laugh, I squirm and I cry
as the snapshots pass by, Was it a mirage?
or reality of illusions....I ask away questions
I wish to hold the sand, as it slowly slips away!

I watch them leave me as I open my eyes
to embrace the new ones, which I need to have
as the moments silently slip by
and I change from the spectator to the actor!!

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