Sunday, August 25, 2013

In the land of peace...

The stillness was inside me as I looked around
the river flowed beside me, as I watched it go
the warm orange dusk had started its show..
mystical, magical and serene..

The landscape changed colours..ready for the show
the long winding road paused as it watched with me
the deep mountains smiled as they wore their cape
to narrate a story..deep within me..

The warm yellow flowers coloured the damp greens
and the act had started..I looked spellbound
the blue of the rivers and the deep browns of the
rugged patterned mountains..they whispered to me..

The white of the soft snow..the blue raindrops
and the turquoise of the calm passionate lake
the laughter of the heavy long winds
and the floating clouds..they touched me..

I stood admist the nothingness..
and experienced with open arms the vastness
and the story silently filled the emptiness
which was there within completed me..

As the warm salty tears flew with the wind
and fell with the raindrops in the flowing river
and I touched the cold prayer bells..
I felt peace with being just me.. 

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