Sunday, June 16, 2013


The cool breeze of the mystical autumn
And the streets scattered with golden leaves
Amidst the never ending honks of rushing cars
And the silent whisperings of the tired birds

I think of you..with all the pain..
You held my hand when the clouds thundered
And when the narrow streets were full of water
You held me when I trembled with sobs
And you left me with swollen red eyes

I roam in the by lanes of old Delhi
As the approaching winter darkens evenings
Amidst the small shops that twinkle with lights
And the bright smell of the varied street food

I think of you..with all the memories
You made me distinguish from abundant hues
And made me identify with my colour
You helped me see across the horizon
When the orange monsoon sun lighted the sky

The hustle bustle of the ever crowded Jan path
And the silent evenings of the central park
Amidst the warm dusk as it envelops autumn clouds
And the shining neon boards of the inner circle

I think of you..with all the love in my heart
You made me understand what emotions meant
And how they embraced me with open arms
You made me see the falling dusk
And bathe in the glow of the coming dawn

The mythical evenings in Humayun’s tomb
And the magical sounds of crushed leaves
Amidst the song of the cool evening breeze
And the whispers of the ancient history

I think of you..with silent unexplained sobs
You walked away when I wanted to hold you
And made me understand loneliness
You never looked back as I waited
To have your presence back in my small world

The dying slow path of the old Yamuna
As it meandered across the black dark waste
Amidst the small flower trees that laughed
And waited for the cold winters to come

I think of you..with painful longing
With you I have had the most precious moments
And now they slip away like the warm sand
The snapshots of memories or were they mirage?

I feel the smell of the reticent cold
And wrap my arms around me,
I breathe in the dark red glow of the sunset
Amidst the flying birds as they circle around

I think of you..with the bittersweet remembrances
I know you have left still your imprint remain
Sketched deep in my memory and feelings
I feel the warmth of the fading autumn sun

I need to let go of the mist of fallen rains
I close my eyes and whisper my prayers
As I sit on the damp soil for comfort
The memories soon fall away with warm tears..