Friday, September 6, 2013

7 days with Mother Nature..

This is my post for day 6 of the write tribe festival. .this is 7 stanza poetry, each stanza representing one day as the mother nature puts her pain across..

7 days with mother nature

Day 1
I walked along with her with light footsteps..
As she bathed in the glow of warm sunlight;
she kissed the yellow sunflowers and,
she danced as she walked to the silent river,
and she cried as she saw the dark black water
and prayed for the deceased soul of her beloved daughter..!

Day 2
The white clouds scattered across the warm blue sky,
and we walked silently with heavy steps...
towards the mysterious dark dense forest;
she prayed in her heart and stopped suddenly
as she saw the mutilated body of her son..
the gentle elephant lay dead shrouded by the weeping trees!
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Day 3
We shivered as the hazy white mist enveloped us and
the big raindrops of the moody drizzle covered us;
she smiled after a long time as she watched the faraway rainbow
We halted at the barren patch, with the remains of the tree trunks
Her tears soothed the raw tree trunks, as she sat at each and prayed,
she simply said, "O, why, why did you murder them?"

Day 4
The clouds changed their colour to the menacing black
and thundered as the lightening blazed across the dark sky;
Her eyes were swollen red as we climbed to the summit,
of what was once her newly born strong mountain;
she looked at how it was ravaged, blasted and hurt,
it was dying a slow death, asking for forgotten mercy!!

Day 5
she walked with her dark black hair flying across,
her red eyes blazed with unconstrained anger ,
we walked slowly and heard the roar of the waves,
they splashed helplessly at the oil ridden shore
and carried with them heaps of dead fishes
who she lamented angrily did not want the oil that spilled..

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Day 6
The hailstorm started and the hard ice balls crashed
on the barren grounds with deep cracks;
the noise clashed with the noise of heavy machines
she stared blankly as they took from her womb,
the precious minerals as they said and left her torn..
poisoned with harsh chemicals that burned her..

Day 7
She stared hard at me, as the oceans roared and
the rivers tried hard to break free from the shackles of dams
the animals and the birds shrieked with anger
I loved you too once, she said softly
till you turned murderers, without any love, compassion
I still hope one day, you weep with me at the loss of

Write Tribe


  1. Superb! How we do destroy all the treasures that Nature gave us in order to create worthless baubles.

    1. Hi Suresh..yes hopefully we do stop ourselves in doing that! Thanks for reading the post!

  2. beautifully told, Neha:) I love the different emotions portrayed and lil do we realize that we are committing murder to mother nature.

    1. Thanks vishal for reading it..yes hopefully we stop in our tracks from committing the same!

  3. absolutely spreechless twice to feel ur words again thx sharing Neha

    1. Hi Jasmeet.. Thanks for reading the post..I am so glad you liked it :)

  4. beautiful indeed.
    The description gave me goose bumps realizing how bad we treat our mother nature!