Tuesday, September 30, 2014

White light..expressions..the purity of emotions

My first photo blog..its a story through pictures..!!

White Light..purity..woman's heart

The White light of purity, of transparency as it envelops everything in its wake, purifying everything. Its the essence of being a human!!

Colours..and white light

The colours of undiluted laughter, of myraid hues as they spread over, the creativity of soul and of life!!

The soul of food, salt

The life giver and saver, it is what spices up things, the small white unit crucial to taste and to life!!

The captured shadow
The strangulated shadow of white light as it peeks from the curtains of darkness, watching the transformation of itself, of its essence, of the humanity.

Light at the end of tunnel
The long wait at the end of tunnel for the illumination of white light, of justice and of happiness and of peace!