Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Lepakshi..the beautiful ruins..

A short drive from Bangalore are located the mesmerizing ruins of Lepakshi. It's like being transported to a new world altogether, magnificent, old world charm and just quietness. It's a simple and nice drive from Bangalore on the bangalore-hyderabad highway. The road is good, even after the diversion when you enter the small village, the road is quite good.

The Ruins of Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh

The entry Gate, Lepakshi
The story of Lepakshi is, in the ramayana the bird jatayu while fighting with ravana fell here and lord rama while caring for it, he sai "Le Pakshi", "Rise Bird" in Telegu.

The hanging pillars, Lepakshi
The famous hanging pillars are good to see, but without a guide will be little difficult to understand it.
There is a beautiful ganesh idol and a shiva lingam housed inside the massive seven hoods and three coils of a naga, so a nagalingam which is said to be one of the largest nagalinga in India.
Nagalingam at Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh

Ganesha hewn in stone, Lepakshi

Also there are ancient paintings, finest specimen of mural paintings of vijaynagar kings.
Mural paintings, Lepakshi

Mural Paintings, Lepakshi

Apart from this there is a spectacular monolithic nandi and the kalyan mantapa which is also an architectural marvel!! Its just 130 kms away from Bangalore and makes for an interesting day visit!!

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