Sunday, October 19, 2014

Health - the golden rule of happiness!

"Neha, I am tired of him being sick, he is always irritated and creates such a mess in the house. He can't play or study, and with festivals around the corner, I don't know what to do" with a deep sigh my sister ended the sentence. I looked at my nephew sulking in the background watching television with complete disinterest and being moody. "But aren't you giving him the medicines?"

"I am but the side effects are even worse, I need to build his immunity, you know there is no festive spirit in the house, since he is ill"

"Di, you go about and leave him with me for a few days and go about" and with that we were busy packing and him being all excited about a trip to his nani's place. "Masi, but I am so sick, will I be able to play and will you buy me lots of things?" I smiled indulgently at him, "ofcourse baby, now please pack your sports shoes for we will be going on an adventure trip", my sister looked at me in confusion, "you do know he is sick right? how will he go on an adventure trip?", "Di leave to me and relax" and with that we were on the road.

We drove and drove and when he woke up he looked at me in confusion, "Masi where are we? This is not Nani's place", "yes it’s not, we are on a farm, and now the adventure trip begins", his shone with gleam of fun, "now first priyansh, you quickly need to drink this in one go if you have to be all well and start the adventure, and then also finish the chyawanprash which is lying next to you. The drink was a medicinal potion, made with whole black pepper, cinnamon and amla juice.

With that he slept for the day and next morning we repeated the same, and then both of us went for a walk amidst the trees and the flowers where he chased butterflies and ran with the squirrels, “Masi I feel so much better, can we play cricket?”, I kissed him on the cheek, “ofcourse yes, but first you need to eat fruits”, tired after a long walk he had his fruits and then a good hearty meal. As the weekend approached near, he was reluctant to go but we had to take the drive back home and Diwali was just next day!

He went running to his mother, hugged her and started off, “Ma we need to start preparing, Diwali has come and its so many things that I want to do, get ready we need to go and shop!!”, it was as if there was energy back in house and I saw my sister smile after days, “you are a magician neha, he is back to himself, finally it feels like Diwali is here!!”

“Yes didi, and now you keep him away from illness with natural goodness of so many good ingredients that are available to us and give him Dabur chyawanprash that has the natural goodness of ashwagandha, Guduchi, Satavari, Bala and vidarikand that will help him build a strong immunity system and keep your house always full of laughter”

And as a bonus I got lots of kisses from my excited nephew and lots of ladoos from my delighted sister!! Here’s to health the natural way!!

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