Saturday, December 27, 2014

Saying truth..sometimes hardest and the right thing to do..

“tong, tong” the sound of the recess ending, was one of the most painful sounds to be heard in school, half an hour of freedom ending. Quickly taking our lunch boxes, me and my friends ran from the playground towards the classroom, for the boring physics period to start, on the way cursing the relaxed commerce students. Dragging iron feet, I was dreading the class today for the test scores were to be given out and I knew how I had done, already lagging behind in physics this would just add the insult to the injury. “don’t worry we all are in the same boat” my friend called out as she put her hand on my shoulder seeing me worried.

Just before entering the class, near the staircase, Riya called out to both of us, “hey guys come here look what I found”, leaving aside our talk we rushed where she was standing. Before us were lying the test papers of the physics test with the marks on them, as we looked at each other surprised. Quickly I sorted out my roll number, and my heart sank on seeing the marks, It was even below my pessimistic estimations, all I could think of was how my father would react on seeing this score.
“what if we hide these?” I blurted out as both of them looked at me in surprise, before Riya could say anything Divya said loud, “Ok, lets just quickly take these away and hide them in wash room, we will then take them out”.

Going back to the classroom, we sat on our respective seats as our teacher entered the class, visibly a little stressed, “good afternoon class, today I had to hand over to the test papers to you but I don’t know how I misplaced them, I apologize for that, I guess we will have to do one more, I will announce the date for the same, lets proceed ahead with the class today.”
I don’t know if it was a sigh of relief or of guilt, but all I knew was I couldn't look straight at her in the eye, I couldn't hear one word and all the feeling was much worse than the bad marks. It was as if I had failed her, my parents, my friends and worst of all myself.

I knew I can’t take it any longer and just as the bell rang and she left the room, I ran after her, “ma’am I need to tell you something, I am sorry, very sorry but I found those test papers lying and I saw my marks and I decided to hide them. I am really sorry” I said without a break, “hmm, so then why are you telling me now?”, I looked at her in the eye, “because I just couldn't breathe any longer, lying to you and my parents and to myself”

She smiled,” you have passed a greater test today , telling truth is the right and hardest thing to do”

Just Like the new Kinley ad talks about how saying truth is sometimes the right thing to do!
Watch it here!

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