Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Dreams of hopefully a new year..

The little bird on the window looked at me
wide eyed and hopeful it questioned...
"what do you dream of in the new year?
Is it job, love, money or prosperity?"

I stretched my hands to touch its warm feathers
"I dream of all those things and some more"
Its eyes twinkled and it asked again
"More? what more can you ask for?"

"I dream of pavements where I can walk
with out feeling eyes tracing me
I dream of places I can go all alone
without fear walking alongside"

I dream of parks where I can sleep off
under the shade of green trees
without hearing things and mocking
laughters and scary eyes"

I dream of rivers that can flow
without the plastics choking them
I dream of girls being born
and be allowed to live just as they are"

The little bird smiled out loud
"I hope and pray that one day
your dreams do become reality
and here's to a wish of truly 
a change in the new year" 

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