Saturday, March 14, 2015


Sometimes, when you feel all is lost without hope
When you can’t see the silver lining in the dark clouds
When there is no light in the damp dark corners
You wish, someone would come to comfort you..

I stood drenched in the rain, as the clouds thundered
Dampened and defeated, tears mingled with raindrops
The whole world had collapsed, and I was alone
I wished, someone would come with umbrella of hope

I entered the lonely room again, burdened and bitter
Why me? I asked several times as I looked again
At the termination letter, they called it pink slip
I wished, someone would come to wipe away tears

I stared outside at the gloomy night draped in rain
When the loud knock woke me from my reverie
Confused, who would come at this hour of night
I wished, someone who could tell me morning is coming

I opened the door, and my neighbor,  an old lady
Stood smiling, with a tiffin box in her hand, as I stared
“I saw you crying, from my window, let’s talk”
I wished, someone would tell me this is not a dream

We sat across the table as she laid the dinner for me
“eat, it’s the answer to everything”, “but, you don’t know”
I started to protest but she forced me to eat
I wished, the deep pain in my heart would just go away

She sat in silence as I gobbled up the food, just like my mother
“beta, sometimes we only make problems, and think,
You are still alive and healthy, just be thankful”
I wished, I could just stop the world right there

She took my hand in her old wrinkled ones, caressing
“I don’t know what is troubling you, I just know
That when you lose hope and belief that’s when you lose”
The wishes were coming true,  dark clouds were moving

And then I went on talking, telling her everything
She smiled and said, “You are like my child, the one I found
When you moved here, alone and I can’t see you like this
Whatever happens I am there for you always”

Just hearing those words, My wishes came true
“I am sorry aunty, I have not been spending time with you”
“relax beta, I know you are always looking out for me.
And I will always be here, your guardian grand mother”

And suddenly I realized, that pink slip doesn’t matter
It’s the time we spent with people, the bonds that we make
Which are not dependant on any letter or office
I hugged her tightly, as all my hope and strength came back

“this is just a small battle, beta, there will be bigger ones
And always remember I will still be there across.”
And we spent the night away talking, catching up
Suddenly the light was shining warm and bright

The night had finally ended, lighting the dawn of hope!

Just like to
Housing believes in the inimitable power of optimism. #together

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