Thursday, March 5, 2015

Women's day in India?? Really?? Ohhh I get it you are joking..

“No” the word echoed in his mind, how could she say that in front of everyone he muttered to himself, and the way she laughed with those other men. She needs to be taught “a lesson”, the man in TV was saying right, women are only supposed to do household work and not roam about in night, and she hangs out with men, laughs with them, he will teach her what it is to be a woman. He raced past her on the signal, opened the bottle and threw the acid on her face, as she screamed. “Lesson well taught”

Happy Women's day!! Ohhh the new discount offer, celebrating me as a woman, whereas hundreds of them are being “taught a lesson.”

She always wore tight jeans with that bright red lipstick, thinks of herself as that actress, he chuckled. “Women are like sweets, if you throw them the dogs will come” he read in the newspaper, nodding, “of course the man is so right”. He followed her that night when she got down from her cab, and called her names. She quickened her pace as she entered the dark lane, where he confronted her. He wiped off that red lipstick before “teaching her a lesson.” And did you say rape? But she was wearing jeans, doesn't she know? “Lesson well taught”

Did you say women have equal rights, of course its changed so much. Only the rapes and molestation cases have increased, but yeah let's celebrate “Women's day”

They drank alcohol and were looking to have fun, while she was walking with a man at 9 PM in night. They decided of course she is immoral, to roam about at this hour and must be having relations with that man, so she is spoiled. They called out names to her laughing, but to their surprise she replied back, answering them in equal tone. Furious they took out their anger on her, pulling out even the intestines, “making an example out of her”. They cried its inhuman, they looked shocked, “but she is a woman right? We were teaching a lesson.”

We are debating about freedom of press and speech, Do I even have freedom of being a Woman? But who cares let's have contests and post messages on Social Media, Isn't It Women's day, did you say respect?

Where everday of being a woman is a question,
what do we do for celebrating the women's day?
Just a token, just another hype of a day?
Or are we teaching our sons, brothers, husbands
what it means to respect a woman?
We sit in high chairs and dismiss all the noise
“these bloody feminists” what more do they want

Just the dignity to live with freedom!!

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