Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Being a "FEMINIST"

"You are a feminist" Those words should
evoke a sense of pride, acknowledgement
sadly they are used as an insult
insult to all people who dare say
something different, different to defined norms
"You won't celebrate karwa chauth"
what feminist bullshit, says one
"You wont cover your head up?"
tell this feminist nonsense to anybody else
feminism is/was/will be against the patriarchy
not against "Men" or "society": Please Note
and against patriarchy is a fight of ALL
it harms men in an equal measure if not more
Feminism is not a fight about RELIGION
for it fights against dogmas of all religion
Its NOT a fight of women, or by women
its where all in society participate against the unjust
its for liberation- thoughts,ideas and actions
its for women to speak, do and think
as desired not as per conformance
to the "designed" rules of the society, religion
Its for standing up for yourself,
claiming your rights and living as equals
which sadly our religions say is not so
but what if that line was erased?
what if that is something that god desired?
what if the holy book that I read
my interpretation told me so?
Feminism is something that is a cause
a cause to say a woman's life is NOT
about marriage, children and husband
its about HER, her choices
and if her choices are these only
then that is also a choice
its about a chance at equality
not for a privileged few, but
Its a way of thinking..
that I am proud of..

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