Friday, April 7, 2017

My broken heart..

The heart is meant to be broken..
broken into small pieces
and then you mend it, put it back
using the tape to join things
it becomes a cellotaped mended heart
It becomes more mature, more knowing
but it still feels and is ready
to be broken all over again
into still smaller pieces.. and smaller

I carry my mended heart
its my pride, its who I am
Yes, I feel, I suffer and I am emotional
I care, I respect and I am who I am
my heart breaks too often
and I mend it too often
Sometimes with help of others
but mostly by myself

But its my heart and I am proud
for it's a broken one,
and it knows how that feels
and is ready to mend other hearts
and hopes that it doesnt break others
For a broken heart comes with
broken emotions and ache

I take my broken mended heart
and live feeling who I am still
without any masks..any pretence
maybe its not for this world
of practical structured feelers
maybe that's why it gets broken
but then..its my heart and unique
Let it be broken, for I am ready to mend it..

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