Monday, September 2, 2013

Favorite things to do when it rains!!

I love rains!! since I am an incurable optimist romantic..rains just lift my of the chaos and traffic..So I was thinking what to write for the write tribe festival and Bangalore rains gave the inspiration for here is a list of my favorite 7 things to do in rains!! 

1) Obviously get wet!! It is the most wonderful shower with the cool wind that just makes you and your hair go wild..there is nothing compared to the feel of water droplets splashing on your face..just stand with closed eyes..and let the moments go by..

2) Eat hot hot pakoras!! - or anything hot and spicy!! they just taste more wonderful with the ambiance of the ever so fresh rains..with the sound of the falling water..just sit and bite into the spiciness!!

3) Cup of hot chai with a great book!!- There is nothing more relaxing then sitting by the window with chai cupped in both hands and a book on your lap..the day can just pass by and nothing more is needed!!

4) Listen to old romantic hindi songs -the music of the splashing droplets creating puddles and the old classics.. "tum aa gaye ho".. and so many more!! Its the magic of the rains...

5) Drink hot chocolate!! - one of the only times..that hot chocolate is even more comforting..
The source of image: www.turnorthpainting,com

6) Watch classic rom-coms -Ohhh the list is endless..and I cry all over again in the end scene
, sleepless in seattle, notting hill, when harry met sally..and so on...the rains just are the perfect to watch them again!

7) Cuddle with "the" person or with just the pillow (sigh!) - well for now pillow is what it is ;)

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  1. Except for the 5th, I say yes to all! :) I LOVVVVE rains!

  2. Hi Shail..I agree I love rains too!!! Thanks for reading :)

  3. would be to go out either with an umbrella or without it :P

  4. @ritesh Agarwal- I think without an umbrella is better!!