Thursday, September 5, 2013

Aspects of love: 55 word mini stories!

After long hours of contemplation on theme seven here is my entry for the write tribe festival.
 I decided to attempt seven 55 word stories centered around the theme of Love, its various aspects- separation, longing, rejection, wait, reunion, first love, friendship..

I waited long after you were gone, staring at your fast disappearing footsteps; longed for you to come back. I walked and rested at the faraway bench. In the deserted park I cried, “you can’t be dead”; I looked up and saw you sitting right beside me; I smiled knowing you will never leave me. 

He watched as she carried the wet clothes to dry, “You look beautiful” he wanted to say, but he hesitated; it’s been only two days since they were married but he knew he loved her. She smiled as she watched his hesitation, she longed for him to hold her and simply say “I love you..”

She looked at herself in the mirror carefully and applied the kohl again, combed her long black hair again and smiled to herself. She waited for the sound of his motorcycle and rehearsed her words again, she saw him come from the window with another girl on the backseat and she simply washed her face.

He anxiously looked at his watch, she never took this long. Dark thoughts engulfed him, and he decided to find himself, he walked past the crowd searching for her amongst the many faces.  Finally he saw her and smiled as she sat peacefully lost in prayer inside the temple, “Ma,come we need to go”.

He waited at the small railway platform with a bunch of wild purple flowers tied with a small string. The train halted and she walked out, searching with expectant eyes and found him staring at her, and ran toward him; he got up and smiled after long years, “thankyou grandpa for coming”, “welcome back home.”

First Love
He ran to the park, with his shining new bat in the hand. At the entrance he saw her and stopped in his tracks, forgetting the bat, he smiled at her and she smiled back. He offered her the chocolate, she accepted and gave it to him, his first love, the beautiful big yellow bike.

He heard silently as she shared the news of her marriage. She described her fears and anticipations and he held her hand comforting her. She saw his moist eyes and simply said, “I will miss you always”,  and he smiled back saying, “I am not your brother, but your best friend, and will always be.” 

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