Thursday, April 24, 2014

IPL ke liye kuch bhi karega!!

The warm beautiful afternoon of April spring was perfect for a siesta before the big happening of the evening, I lazed around thinking, stretching my arms on my velvety couch. There was just the need to get up and arrange for snacks before the big game began, royal challengers were to take on Mumbai Indians and If I missed even one ball of royal challengers batting, they lose and how could I do this to my team!!


So the Saturday evening plan was well set, and as I day dreamed about Virat scoring a 100, my mom screaming out to me woke me up, "Get ready fast, somebody is coming.", jolted out of every possible sense in confusion I asked, "who, what?? excuse me", she came and looked at me in her most stern expression, "Somebody is coming to meet you, since you didn't reply to the pictures sent, I decided to call them to meet you." she walked away pronouncing the sentence like the judge with no time for my protests.

So like a showpiece I sat at the corner, decked up like a Christmas tree against my wishes with a permanent scowl as the icing on the cake. More than my resentment against this tradition of parading me like a goat to be sold off, my worry was more when I looked at the non-stop clock. It is already 6, my inner voice screamed, it will start at 8, the match!!

I had prepared everything, my set top box was working in good condition, star sports was on and the TV was already dusted twice or thrice in a single day. The "Guests" arrived at 7pm, late by an hour, "no punctuality" I smirked as I looked at the "Groom" smirking. The boring conversation started, and it seemed like time will never end, which was a good thing. "Let them go before my match starts" I hoped, but what had seemed like eternity transformed to already an hour on the clock, the match had started, it was 8.

With the restlessness building in, I kept nodding to the mindless conversation. But now was the time to show my love for my team, so to my mom's utter surprise, I started saying , not believing my own ears as well, "Hi aunty, I really like him, can I speak with him alone for a few minutes?"

He looked at me as if instead of asking to speak with him, I have hit him. Seeing the surprised/shocked faces, and then looking at the clock as it moved to 8.01, I decided I only need to take matters in hand, motioning to him, "Hi, lets go to my room" and I led the way as his outgrown stomach followed me.

He came and sat meekly at the edge of my bed, itching to start the TV I restrained myself and smiled at him,"Hi, look I want to make something very clear, I really like you, But I want to be honest with you" he looked up expectantly, I sat down and placed my hand on top of his, in my most emotional voice that I could manage, "I have some kind of disease, we don't really know what it is, some kind of infection or some deadly disease the doctors are still finding out, my mom doesnt want you to know but since I like you so much I thought I shall" and I did my pretend sob. I hoped he didnt ask details for I hadn't thought more in the limited time I had.

With a start he got up, brushing my hands off, as if my disease will get to him. Without a word he ran off, whispered something to his parents and they quickly excused themselves. It was already 8.15 and I had missed 15 precious minutes, and I ran off to start my TV. But the test wasn't over yet and the lights went off. and then came to the rescue with live feed.

Its brilliant features such as Infografix that help in understanding facts and figures in an interesting manner, to zipclips it's a lot of fun watching my favorite matches. Infografix
Dad came smiling to my room, gave me a hi fi and joined in to watch the match on the tablet!! With the awesome RCB win it was indeed a super sunday!!!

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