Friday, April 4, 2014

Miss tea and Mr.stomach: A conversation!

The morning was bright and misty and the light blue dew drops glistened on the tea leaves. The whole valley was bathed in the glow of morning light. The young light green leaf stretched and with a deep yawn opened her eyes to the beautiful cloudy morning. Meanwhile Mr.Stomach grumbled and grumbled and with a loud sigh woke up, "today will be another painful day".

Tea leaves in the tea gardens of Munnar

On Mr.Stomach's Itinerary today was a visit to tea gardens, so grumbling and halfheartedly Mr.Stomach holding its huge mass went up there. Miss tea leaf was basking in all the glory when she saw the panting Mr.Stomach, her inner anger rose and she turned a darker shade of green, pointing to Mr.Stomach she called him near her..

"What's the issue? Why are you like this? you seem almost on the verge of collapsing", "Yeah I am tired, I start panting even after walking a small distance" Mr.Stomach made a small face.

"Hmmm..ok Mr.Stomach, even though I hate dying but let me tell you a bit of my story and how I can help you, sit down for your benefit." 

And Miss tea in her poised way started, " For easier explanation, the more popular types are- GREEN, BLACK, OOLONG and WHITE" , I am sure you must be drinking the oxidized black version of me? "

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Mr.Stomach now comfortable sitting down replied with an affirmative nod , "Yes, yes three times a day with lots of milk and sugar", Miss Tea bored her eyes into him, "See that's why you give me a bad name, drink it with less milk and no sugar to get my health benefits and drink versions of me which are less oxidized such a Green tea and oolong"

Tea processing: Tata tea museum Munnar

Mr. Stomach got up all excited, "So Miss Tea just by drinking you will I lose all this excess weight?"

Miss Tea sighed and said "No, dear Mr.stomach if you want to live a good life, start exercising, eating healthy and drink me in the GREEN tea form, it would help you in lot many ways. I have catechins which means a type of antioxidant and other helpful things which will help you be in better form not the grumbling, panting form you are in. Not boasting but I do have substances in me that will really help you, so give it a shot!!"

"Bye for now, but I do hope next time you visit me, it will be in better shape", Mr.Stomach bowed to her with the resolution of implementing these lifestyle changes!!

P.S the post is a Green Tea enthusiast's post..!!

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