Thursday, April 3, 2014

Are we being human?

From far across the deep blue sea
a voice echoed..again and again
"save me, save me, please save me
Oh mighty mountain please save me
but the arrogant mountain smirked
the days passed and the months went by
the icy winters changed to mellow summers 
leaves turned green from yellow
suddenly the waves rose high 
the mighty mountain screamed-
"save me, save me"
The waves smirked, "dear mountain"
times changes and so do situations
if you had listened to us, we would have
listened to you today"

I think like the mighty mountain we will soon realize how the waves turn against us, be it men who believe in suppressing and violence against women, be it us who do not realize the fury that nature will unleash against us. Like the movie lakshmi I think we need to all ask ourselves -"Are we being Human?"


Be it increased cases of human trafficking, or young children being beaten up and almost used as slaves. When I read these cases of torture by people who could be yours or mine neighbor- I get scared that people are living with such mindsets and we are failing to recognize the same. Is social support, counselling, strict rules and laws regarding the domestic labor the need of the day? Why don't we as a society debate and discuss it?

Or be it the issue of climate change, where we almost shrug off- that we don't know have any contribution towards it, but do we discuss it in our daily lives? That small steps such as keeping a bowl of water outside our homes can help in better survival of birds. I do not know what all steps we can take, but I guess the first step is to start discussion among the people we know, we interact with on a daily basis and then come forward with collective simple measures to answer the question "Are we being human"!!

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