Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A trip to Sikkim: Photo blog

                                                  The breeze of the hills whispers stories
                                                  Some unknown, some nostalgic..
                                                  The evening dusk envelops the dark green 
                                                  with the music of the cascading waterfalls..
                                                  The beauty surprises, pleases and shocks
                                             makes me reflect who I am and what I want to be!!

There are lack of words to describe sikkim's beauty, its ethereal, its magnificent, its majestic and still largely unaffected by the tourist flow. I travelled for a five day period.

The Mountains on the way to Nathula Pass, Sikkim
 The itinerary for the five day trip was as follows- first two days in Sikkim, visiting the local sight seeing and changu lake and beautiful monasteries. Then a half day excursion to Namchi and from there to darjeeling and fifth day in Darjeeling.

Changu Lake, Sikkim

The Curvy Road, Sikkim

The Peaceful Rumtek Monastery, Sikkim

Namchi, Sikkim


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