Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Mr.X and Ms.Y and the "Pimple Tragedy"

This is a story of Mr.X and Ms.Y and their "Pimple tragedy"  sung by Ms.D and the day saved by our valiant Garnier Pure Active, so read on!

Mr.X woke up as the sun rays filtered his room
The crisp winter mornings and promise of dawn
"nooo" he screamed as the mirror looked back
The monster red pimple was smiling on his nose

"But today is my first date, and this looks ugly"
he almost cried in despair and even rhymed
"you ugly red pimple why today? let me destroy you 
otherwise my dreams will be trampled like fresh dew"

he sang the last part almost like an opera 
much to the dislike of Evil Ms.C, who asked him
"But what will you do now? ha ha.." he replied 
"can you please go away?" as he cried..

"I had dreamt of this special day for so long
amongst the fresh flowers, and this is so wrong
why did it had to come today? what will I do?
how will I show her my face? What do I do?"

In despair he sat, as the pimple glowed 
basking in the unhappiness clogging the pores
Evil Ms.C laughed out, "its your fault you know
now cancel it quick, and then feel low"

He walked with heavy steps, sunshine gone
the black clouds hovered ending the lights of dawn
Just then entered our hero, with a splash of water
the garnier pure active, providing shelter

"Don't worry my friend, the date will go on..
use me, and see how we end the pimple's con
your dreams are mine and let not a pimple end it
I am with you, now quick use me don't just sit"

The sunshine was back, as the clouds withered away
and with a spring in his steps he danced away
the pimple was soon gone, the magic had begun
and his date happened as the pimple made a quick run

Elsewhere the Ms.Y was drowning in unhappiness
the red monster pimple was singing in celebration
she cried out loud, "oh dear god, why why a pimple
when I was meeting long lost friends to mingle?"

"I wanted to look good, to be the center of attention
please, please take away this, I don't even want to mention
why are you being so unfair, have some mercy on me
show me a solution quickly otherwise I will flee"

Our hero appeared again, emerging underneath the bed
"my lady I am at your service, don't flee instead
lets fight to make this monster go away forever
use me always so that I ensure it comes never"

She danced with joy as she held the garnier neem
"you are not just a face wash but a  true saviour
of all  good things you are the one I hold dear
now the evil pimple has to go away forever"

The hero saved the day for Ms.X and Ms.Y and others
as they hailed him true hero, hugging one another
Ms.D Finished her singing, to a thunderous applause
"Garnier Pure Active Need" you are the true santa claus 

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