Saturday, June 15, 2013

Be Bold Stay Real

Be Bold Stay Real at BlogAdda

“Reality is sometimes just an illusion”

In the world where success is synonymous is with wealth, power and position the biggest challenge in itself becomes staying real. “Do I just tow the line and wear the mask? so that I get that next promotion?”. The option in itself is not just lucrative but far easier as well; becoming a clone of the “stereotypical corporate executive” and being one of the favourites will lead to that big raise, that coveted big car, that well decorated house in the most talked about street as well the power that comes with it, then why contradict?

On the other hand is the tag of “being yourself”, do I stay real?? Do I question those activities that are not in line with my thought process? Do I say what’s on my mind and earn the wrath of my superiors? And this leads to being labelled as strong headed, not a team member, arrogant. And you are met with cold stares, labelling as an average performer, somebody to whom people come when they need to bitch about their supervisors.

You observe both these kinds of people in everyday life, some judge them basis the superficial symbols of success and very few actually observe the different parameters of success. Is being bold and staying real actually difficult, the answer is an emphatic yes, specially in the way today’s corporate environment is manufactured. Its manufactured to have yes men, moving higher up the ladder, its does not value free thinking, contradiction and debate.

Yet, at the end of the day if you don’t feel satisfied, if things that you wanted to say are still inside you, if you never show your disagreement you are not successful, being successful is not about the show but its about that satisfaction that you are still you, with that distinct identity even if in the eyes of the masses you are a failure, you are behind your batch mates, at least you have the satisfaction of being yourself. .of being real…

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