Monday, June 3, 2013

The music of the rain..

The warm red of the dusk seeps through me
As I soak in the rays through the dark clouds
The darkness slowly descends
and the first drops of the blue rain fall
They soak me in eternity of hope
they embrace me, and envelope me
with the warmth of existence
without any conditions, any judgements
they make me a part of them
As my salty tears get mixed with them
I loose myslelf in the music of falling rain
The time loses all meaning
and I stand with my hands outstreched
moving with the unknown rhythm
It doesnt ask any questions, It doesnt give answers
It just soothes me, makes me forget
the road ahead is blurry, unknown
and I don't want to see what's ahead
I just walk slowly, splashing the muddy puddles
laughing with the tired green leaves
It washes away my footsteps
and walks with me, helping me
make my own small paths in the darkness..

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