Sunday, January 11, 2015

If only there was a pencil inside every gun...

A foe turned friend..seriously?
the gun mocked the broken pencil
as it lay amidst the splattered blood
"this is to stop you write, you get it?
and you are talking about friendship
you should be asking for forgiveness"

The pencil asked, with an angry tone,
"hmm, so tell me, If I stop there are
numerous like me, how do you stop that"
this time the gun did laugh,
"Fear, ofcourse what else, simple
What I have done, will be a reminder
and you will not write what I don't like"

The pencil smiled for the first time
"But that's a very small area of influence
don't you think? just the thinkers
who wanted to use me, that's small"
The gun looked surprised, thinking
"But fear rules all and everybody"

The pencil shook its head, smiling
"What I influence is  mindsets,
I create new thinkers every time I write
who agree and disagree with what I do
I influence people to think, to grow
Fear is temporary, it wears off soon"

The gun looked discomfited, 
"but then how do I prove you wrong?
I do not agree with what you wrote."
"very Simple, become friends with me
and write, let people hear what you say
and then simply let them decide"

"But" the gun shouted, "its my religion"
"its about my feelings, you hurt me"
"of course it is and hence prove me wrong
find a voice for your anger and write it
create new thinkers who debate it with me"

"But that won't make you stop, then"
the gun asked, and the pencil replied
"No it won't but it will let people decide
it will make them think about you, your point
and how I am wrong, use me and write"

"That's why I said, let's be friends,
You can't rule with fear, and anger
but you can always rule hearts with me"
And finally the foe turned friends 
as the blood of hatred dissolved in Ink!

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

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