Monday, January 19, 2015

Is Laundry only a "She" job?

The crisp winter morning, with inviting sunshine
she woke up with a spring in her steps, excited
the oozy oranges and the scent of fresh books
it was an earned holiday after a gruelling week,

"what's for breakfast?" he called out from bed
"whatever you decide" she playfully answered
the breakfast was quickly on the table, as she dreamt
of the lazy sunday afternoon with books!

with the rocking chair kept under the sun, 
she was about to step in, when the call came,
"hey riya, please send me the final presentation"
with a deep sigh, she got back to work!

The evening dusk was yet to come, the sky orange
the chapter one promised to be compelling
"hey riya, what's this yaar, you didn't wash this?
I had this evening planned with my friends."

"what will I wear? I had specially asked you to."
In shock, she still answered, "you have so many."
"yeah right, but you can't wash this?
I slog myself out, to not even have a t-shirt?"

She calmed herself down, to not scream
and she wrote down a list, irritated he tried to look
here just write down, the tasks you did for home
and here your going and coming time from work

Surprised, he tried hard to remember and wrote down
in between he got the point, as he stopped
he looked at the timings, which were almost similar
and the tasks widely different, his list too short

he stammered as he replied, "hey, I never thought"
"Yes you never did, why is laundry my task?
Like you I am a business student, never a laundry.."
"I just thought, you always do" he said sheepishly

"Yes rahul, I always do, because you never did
because you can't get yourself to operate this machine
although you can play complex video games,
you never thought this takes time no? or effort?"

"Let's play a simple game, lets reverse the role
I will follow the tasks and timings you have written
and you follow mine, then let's see, how it is?"
she laughed at his horrified face, amused

"Dear husband, its not that difficult, lets divide it
don't just feel what I do at home is worthless,
and yes Laundry is NOT ONLY my responsibility
I am not saying you do everything but lets divide?"

He smiled for the first time in the evening,
"well, you have made your point well, and wait
I just need to make a call right now"
"Hey Ma, thanks for taking care of all my laundry"

“I am writing for #IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob activity at in association with Ariel.”

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