Thursday, July 17, 2014

Black is beautiful! Black is desire..

The dark night, approached mystically
black, sensuous with the scent of desire
it twirled, it danced, it laughed
and it asked for wishes, dark, secretive
With it's magic wand, clothed in black
it picked some, mysterious..Surreptitious..
as the game of seduction just began..
in search of that perfect, elusive, date..

1. The first in the line of fantasy wish list, a black chiffon sari, with small silver beads as it embraced me in its warmth and its charm. It illuminated me with its vastness and depth as it absorbed everything within. It hugged me in its luminescence, and I walked on the red carpet laid down by moonlight. The black not only defined me, that I am mysterious, I am different and I am confident, it gave me a language. A language of unspoken charm and grace. 

2. The gleaming Black BMW is next in the line of desire as it stood waiting. The darkness reflected the power of the shining black car, as it waited for its turn to rule over its empire. The black not only symbolized the strength, but the unapologetic sexiness that drew people towards it. It is the undeclared king of roads, as the black monster, roared along with me, on a journey undefined..on the rough paths. 

2. The gleaming single dark black pearl chain, is what desires are meant for. It gleamed against the skin, as it created the halo of the awe that inspires jealousy and envy. It rested on the space between the neck and chest, a space its darkness ruled with the incomprehensible charm. The strength of that elusive black pearl, not only draws but commands attention as it seductively wins over hearts.It's rare, it is mystic and it is poetry of unparalleled desire.

3. Its beauty is the elegance, the rarity of its existence, the charm of its unique shades that makes you feel blessed, the mystery of the black rose. To hold it is intoxication, the nectar of the darkness, a single perfect Black rose, the elusive story. 

5. The charm of the perfect dark kohl, the black kajal as it turn the coy eyes to the bold, that seductive look that can melt away hearts and pierce the shields. The dream for that perfect kajal, which can define the aura and the power of black. The black, as it seduces and displays its intensity as it conveys without even talking. The simmering of dark black kohl lined eyes, as they set out on a journey to conquer.

The night, all black and dark, stood regally
as the laughter echoed,in the illuminated night
the black pearl gleamed, in its velvety touch
the scent of the black rose, mysterious
trailing of the seductive black chiffon sari
framed by the bold black kohl lined eyes
as the powerful black BMW roared
"black ruled", in its vastness, in its charm
in its rarity and in its calm!!

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