Saturday, July 5, 2014

Freedom..what is that? I am a girl..

Freedom, did you say? please say again?
I don't understand, don't know the meaning
will you please explain? elaborate?
how do you pronounce it? F-R-E-E-D-O-M

Don't look so shocked, so bewildered
I have never uttered this words, never told
I am a "Girl" born in India, allowed 
to breathe, to come In the world, not killed

Yes, that was my only act of free will,
during childhood, I was told to stop playing
for girls don't play, they become dark you see
When those boys leered at me, 
I was told to keep my head down and walk away

Ruins in Lepakshi- the ancient story of women

Self respect did you say? again what is it?
I chose to wear a skirt, they whistled at me
They said it's against culture, as they 
stripped me naked with their hungry eyes
for how I dared wear "anything that I want?"

Rights did you say? again what is it?
I wanted to study higher, but there was a brother too
and the money had to be given to one only
and what use of me studying? My fate
was sealed, I am girl, Marriage is my future

Choice did you say? again what is it?
I was married off, with not so large money
the scars of which are still on my body
his education degrees were far higher 
than me, my self respect and self worth

Love did you say? again what is it?
Violence at home is a "In-home" matter
I only work at home you know? Don't earn
Marital rape..can I even say it aloud?
I am to be a mother, only of a "SON"

What about me did you ask? 
I am to work, with no retirement plans
to be looked down by my son, 
I am a widow, with no rights anymore
to even live as a human being

You look sad? but why? for me is it?
But I am a woman, I have to live by culture
"Indian culture", where freedom is a word
that I can't say, have or own!!

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