Monday, July 7, 2014

When no one stands hold high!!


Books in hand, determination in eyes, hair neatly tied in a ponytail, with a spring in her steps she walked towards the bus stop. They stood there, like everyday, laughing and joking among themselves. She walked past, ignoring them, deep in thought about the exam that she had to clear today, it was already 8 and the bus will leave by 8.15 as she hurried her steps. The loud whistle brought her hurried steps to a sudden halt.

"oh, so today it's red and white, is it, what's the hurry, spend some time with us before going", they jeered at her, laughing at their own audacity. She watched as the neighbors, her uncles and aunts, rushed past heads down without commenting or looking at her. Tears welled up slowly in her eyes, as she dragged her feet. They further called out, "Arrey, look at us, what will you do studying, choose a husband from any of us, look then what we do to you." and they whistled again as she walked away, to catch the bus.

The evening dusk, didn't help her let go of the thoughts. With a heavy heart, she dragged her feet to home, and looked at her frail grandmother. without any prologue she burst out, "dadi today also, they teased me, tehy say such things, I hate it, do you think I should complain in police?", she came near her and patted her head, "beta, stand up for yourself, they will retaliate but be strong, they tease you because they know you get affected, stand up and if they still trouble you, go and complain, I am always there for you."

Next morning, began with the same rush, and she quietly walked past them, this time they whistled again and one of them even threw a stone at her, "today you look hot, the blue really suits you, come here, we will show you the world" one of them laughed out loud. This time, she looked back with a stone in hand and threw hard at them, they scattered and then angrily came running towards her, one of them held her hand, "you are trying to be too smart is it?, you will hit us?, look what we do to you", as he snatched her dupatta and put it beneath his feet. Seeing the tears in her eyes, they started laughing again, enjoying her trauma.

The onlookers walked on, their heads still down. In a choked voice, she replied back, she withdrew her hand from his grip she slapped him hard, "this is for my dupatta and to all of you, is this what you call being a guy, laughing and joking at the expense of a woman, have I ever troubled you?" the impact had them shocked for a minute before the anger returned, and he held her by her ponytail as she screamed.

Suddenly, all of them were hit hard by the broom, shocked they turned around to see the women of the building standing with brooms in their hand, they hit them with all their might, cursing along as they scattered and started running with the impact, her dadi, screamed out to them, "next time, you do this and in pace of the broom there will be a knife and in place of us there will be police"

She smiled at her support, and hugged her dadi, "I didn't feel scared at all, unlike earlier days, I am happy I stood against them, and thanks for helping me out", "don't worry beta, they will not be seen from tomorrow, they are cowards, you need to stand up against them to teach them a lesson.

I am Mardaani

That brave girl and all of the women of the society are Mardaani for me, watching the incident for standing up for themselves and for all women.

This is written as a part of I am Mardaani activity exclusively at 
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