Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Breathing in monsoon, the green scent of freshness!

Chikmaglur in Monsoon rains

Monsoons, when the fairy tales are written
the scent of fresh green, and the mellowed yellows
the soil soaks in and breathes the raindrops
the illuminated colours against the backdrop of clouds
dark, black, soothing and calming
It is the time of love stories being written
on the moist leaves laden with raindrops
the fragrances of freshness, of rain soaked earth
of leaves emanating the scent of vigour, newness
earth emanating the scent of love..among all.. 

The birds sang the song of reunion, of the rain and the dry parched earth, as the car maneuvered the pathways of the mountains to the paradise of rain town Chikmaglur. The first scent that emanated from the forest was of freshness, refreshed tress and leaves, of everything bright and new. The light green of the leaves, and the bathed brown of the deep rooted trees. The trip had started with the singular scent of freshness, freshness of a rain bathed forest, leaves sparkling with small drops and the forest shining in the colour of green.

The patch of brown, watery mud emanated the scent of the monsoon, the earth baked and parched hungrily drowned in the rain. The reunion of the two long lost lovers, the fragrance of love, the fragrance of the eternal scent of the earth drenched in the rains. 

The road ahead curved, as the marigolds gleamed from the faraway distance. The scent of the flowers, the flower of gods as it danced in the monsoon breeze. The bright orange against the dark cloud, the scent of sweetness, of the fresh marigolds as it blended with the scent of freshness and the monsoon rains.

The evening dusk approached slowly as the bright red was splashed by the white clouds. From the window I soaked in the monsoon rain, the single most special fragrance, the fragrance of rain, mixed with the freshness of trees and leaves and the sweet scent of marigold flowers and the scent of the dry parched earth soaked in the rain, carried by the monsoon wind as it refreshes you, awakes you, makes you fall in love and believe in the new tomorrow!!

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