Sunday, July 20, 2014

Zest..let's add spice to everyday!!

"What Hunger is in relation to food, zest is in relation to life"- Bertand russel

Without zest, life would be boring. People, places, things and events that turn everyday ordinary into extraordinary, that add zest to life. Here's my list, of what adds spice to everyday life:

The first has to be the smell of an old classic book, just opening the book smelling it first and then reading it again, treasuring the story that has imprinted on life, on thoughts. Relishing the storytelling of a maestro, the artwork of a master painter. The old classics like sherlock holmes add that feeling of wow to the everyday ordinary of living. They transport you into another world, full of possibilities, unlimited.

Open Book

Next comes an unplanned road trip, specially during monsoons. If somebody has to see the beauty of Indian landscape it is through road trips during monsoons. Beautiful curvy roads, dark clouds, trees lined on both sides and a beautiful sturdy car complete the painting, a painting that makes you forget drudgery and invokes the explorer within. Road trips in car, not only make you  relax, but awaken you, to do things that you dreamed of, to create that excitement of being alive.

Drive to chikmaglur

Third is writing, just simply writing, writing anything. Writing to express myself, old tales of travel, of love of hurt. Writing to let myself go in a fictional world, a world where I play the puppeteer, writing stories untold. Writing to release my expressions, unsaid emotions, writing to create a new space in my thinking, a space not discovered yet. Writing to let people know a part of my identity, hidden till now. That's what adds zest, true zest to live a little more.


Fourth is watching an unknown movie, a movie from a faraway land. A movie not popularized my commercial cinema, but a movie that melts the heart; that makes you sit up and start noticing, a movie that makes you think harder, that makes you empathize, that makes you learn, that makes you widen your horizon. A movie that simply makes you live more, to discover and explore.

Zest of life

And lastly meeting a friend, parents, anybody who makes you remind of the people around you  who accept you as you are, without any changes, in all the good and bad that you are. People who make you believe in the inherent goodness, and persuade you to let go of that can harm. People who stand by you, even when you give up and who hold your hand at the crossroads to take a journey with unknown end. somebody who you love, somebody you want to be with always, that's what is Zest of life all about!!

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