Friday, July 18, 2014

Real Men don't rape and real women don't expose? Is that the comparison??

Just Some news flashes:

- 6 year old girl raped in school premises in Bangalore
- 22 year old girl raped in Bangalore- by men posing as cops
- people making fun of rape cases- by posing in a particular pose

And so many more, women being raped, acid attacks, children molested and what all. I just want to ask a
few fundamental questions, being a woman, for I am unable to understand and answer:

I wear a short dress, I show my bra strap
how did you read that as an invitation
to molest me?To harass me? to view me as an object?
How is it that I enter a territory
where doing anything to me is justifiable?
Why wasn't I told this earlier
That as a WOMAN, I have NO right to wear
clothes that I want?

Why am I told on steps how to prevent rape?
Don't go out at night, don't drink
don't speak to any stranger, don't travel alone?
Why, Why , why , why
don't you tell MEN, not to rape?
that wearing anything, being with anyone at any hour


How is it that there is justification of such acts?
how is it that as a society we allow such people to speak?
how is it that songs which objectify women
are what are chart busters? and nobody raises an eyebrow?
How is it that it becomes an individual case?
and we escape the moral responsibility?

How is it that it is unsafe to be born as a WOMAN?
as a society we abhor equality? justice?
how is it that eve-teasing is a fun activity?
how is that we stand mute as spectators?
is there ANY, ANY change that will ever happen?

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