Saturday, July 5, 2014

Indian culture..the logic to every absurd remark..what is it?

Apparently everything seems to be against Indian culture (if you are a girl) these days, I wonder why doesn't Indian culture never says anything to guys..Next time people should give speeches only on what IS Indian culture, atleast we will know what it says.

- Wearing clothes that you want to wear, short skirts, dresses, jeans or anything is not Indian culture
 But leching, staring, commenting on clothes and teasing is? 
Why not give lecture on Indian value to them? Why not give speeches on that? Why not tell them this is not "Bhartiya sanskriti"- I though Indian culture taught to respect women- NOT about commenting and blaming what she chooses to wear

- Going out at any hour, without the support of anybody around and specially if women choose to go to pubs
Where is it written that women can't drink, how is it against the "culture"? - Is it culture when men come drinking home and beat women?? Why don't these so called protectors of  Indian culture go and beat such men? instead of beating women who choose to do what they are doing without harming anyone.
Why would a culture be so intolerant of a harmless "individual" choice? - What I believed was any culture gives you space to be yourself with acceptance and respect.
Also, why isn't the same lecture of morality given to men? - A culture that had foundations in equality has become so unequal? 

- Coming to acceptance and respect- how is it that a sexual preference is against Indian culture? 
Was khajuraho made by aliens who wanted to defy Indian culture? How is that a culture that was build on the foundation of tolerance has become so intolerant towards certain sections of society and dominated by the will of certain? Who put these people on the dais and told them they are the proponents of Indian Culture?

Indian culture or any culture is made by society, it goes through turns with changing times and it adapts. Holding it as a sword to slay certain sections of society particularly women isn't correct. Is it culture to marry young girls? but prevent them from choosing their life partners? Is it culture to rape, beat women? but prevent them from choosing what they wear?  

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